Sunday, May 13, 2012

25DOB | Day 19

Another title picture lol

Now we have moments in our life where we find something new or exciting that develops into a habit. Sometimes a good habit and other times a bad habit lol.

I'm not going to say that it's a habit but it's more like a slight obsession. I had always been attracted to sex, I don't know why just did. Even when I was younger (and we won't get into how young lol). But it was more than just the fact that it could be fun or satisfying, it was just interesting to me. In a weird artistic kind of way, it was unusual.

Like all your life you face the challenges of losing your virginity be like everyone else, and then there peer pressure and of course wanting to know what's it really like for your own self gratification. Then you hear of how much fun it is and how there's nothing like it in the world. However then on the same token, you hear of the stories of girls getting pregnant or someone contracting some cootie they got from someone who got it from 3 other people. And you become jaded to a point. Some people wait for the right person, while others just chose to get rid of it—virginity is what I'm talking about. However in all of that stress and pressure, sex can be a beautiful thing. Especially if you work hard to do so.

Either way of being a virgin or not. It doesn't change anything and it's not like you get a badge or a certificate for a job well done. That's basically your choice and if you're a teen that's definitely something you should talk about with your parents or some adult you feel comfortable with.

Anyway, I will admit this and say women think about sex just as much as the men do. Probably more. Women are the top majority who looks at Internet porn oppose to men. Bet you didn't know that?? So if you ever hear a woman say otherwise, she's at home in the tub or bed playing with herself like some sick puppy lol.

Sex isn't all that bad, hell its considered as a natural pain reliever. Whether its a headache, stomach cramps or lower back pain. It lets off endorphins that release the pain. Plus that's how we get babies. Sometimes that's not always for the best, because there are some people who need to app that task, no matter how good it feels.

Plus you get to learn a lot about things pertaining to sex. Like STDs and STIs and how to prevent them. How important condom week is, because everyone needs to be made aware of the consequences and dangers of having sex with someone you don't know (Condom week is February 15th – 21st every year). I read on the Internet the other night that a genial condom may even help in preventing HIVs more so than a male condom can.

Then in addition to all those things, is a way to express your feelings for someone—sometimes. It can and maybe just lust. However when you really like or love someone it can be more than just sex. It's more than just a one night stand or just for the moment.

In that regard, I guess that why I have such a fascination with it. To show someone how much you love them and to take your relationship to another level of intimacy is a beautiful thing. Even the art of it beautiful.

But of course like everyone else I love the dirty jokes and sexual mishaps when you mean something completely different. Like long & hard lol. And sex sells no matter what it is, even the kiddie shows throw out adult jokes. Even people love sex so much to make a career out of it, not necessarily as a porn star or webcam model. They do amateur work, there's escorting and strip clubs and even private type jobs like a gigolo.

It's apart of everyday life whether people accept it or not. And it's not dirty, or at least I don't think so.

I enjoy the act and physicalness of it. But I also think it can be beautiful art as well. It can express a lot of love and then again we do have archaeologist and women with one too many babies.

I love it but I also know I can control myself lol. Masturbation or not, it doesn't matter. If you can control yourself it can be a good investment so to speak. If not, to me I would think you would get old and bored with it.

However, I will admit that I love sex. I honestly do. But I also know I don't want to make it where I have to depend on it. I don't want it controlling me like that. Sex is good and healthy if it's done in moderation and it's not forced or done just because without any type of enjoyment. Then it's just wrong on so many levels. It's my believe that if you deprive yourself from it for a while, the fondness of it grows greater and it becomes that much more enjoyable. Especially if it's someone who's good in bed or knows what they're doing. And in that case I would suggest plenty of condoms and some icy hot lol.

This may have been a ramblings of sorts, but I think I got my point across ^_^.


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