Thursday, May 10, 2012

25DOB | Day 16


Another Title Picture :D lol

So if you don't know by now, I am totally in love with The Sims franchise. When I first discovered them on then new website known as YouTube I was amazed at how semi lifelike they were and it seemed like so much fun. 

It was while I was in college about 2006ish and I googled and googled till I could find out what they were called and what they were all about and how I could call them my own. So when 2008 rolled around I went off to buy a new computer for school. Had saved up the money and looked and searched for the perfect deal. I found one deal at the Best Buy for the Gateway FX laptop for about $1000 or so dollars and the deal also came with a choice of two pc games. At first I wasn't as interested in that part of it I just wanted a new working computer for school. But then what popped into my head?? Lol

I asked the guy if he knew about The Sims and he said yes and ran and got this The Sims 2 Double Deluxe box and I was so amazed and happy that's all I wanted. The other game ended up being Wheel Of Fortune for Madea. 

I was so happy I couldn't wait to install it on my computer. Of course it took me like a week or so before I did it. When I finally got it installed and all systems were GO. UGH!! I was a Happy Rabbit. 

nfortunately, not only do I hate reading instructions. Yea I killed off more sims than anything lol. The game literally told me to uninstall and try again. That's how horrible and bad it was. I will say it was a good learning experience. While I was in game play, I was more focused on making an house pretty. The windows didn't matter, neither did a refrigerator or stove or a kitchen period because I didn't cook and it didn't seem important. So when I finally realized those things cost money or Simoleons. That a refrigerator was more important than custom made drapes or fancy lamps or sculptures and paintings. Also that a job was a necessity to the needs and want. After about another week and a non-dysfunctional family that I could relate to. It turned out pretty interesting and fun. 

While I would spend my insomniac college nights due to the crazy noise and sickos, I had something interesting and that was very enjoyable. Not only did I learn a lot from the sims and a few of the cheats and what nots. It helped learning a lot about real life even though it was a simulation. Imagine doing all the things that mom or dad or grandma or gramps does as a everyday routine, but you have to do it. I was tripped out. I have to do the cleaning and mopping, going to work, grocery shopping for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when my sim would get worn out or tired and refused to do it. I didn't understand. The hell, you're not even real!! But then she would give me this twisted attitude look and stare at me for a few minutes and then went off on a field trip on her own. 

Even though it was just a game, it was a learning agent. I think it's a must have for everybody. Some people need to understand how things work. Eventually in the midst of loving Sims so much, I decided to do a family that was exactly like mine. Or something like it. Me and the parents. Except they were much younger. And ended up with a son and another daughter, so 3 kids weren't half bad. I liked it a lot and start creating family and stories like crazy. I liked the drama and the craziness and just about everything about The Sims 2 even the alien abduction. Well I was happy until the Sim Daddy died unexpectedly at work one night. I was upset but decided to move on. Until my dad actually died and it felt like the thing itself was a curse of evilness and I stopped playing it for long time. I guess it was disturbing and creepy but then my mom suggested that I should go bak to playing because both my parents saw how much I enjoyed myself. Eventually I did. 

I got even happier when The Sims 3 debuted back in 2009. I was excited!! Not only was things improved and added but I think game play is so much more enjoyable. I may not have all the expansion and stuffs packs like I damn near did for the Sims 2. But I enjoyed it anyway. What I like most of all of the Sims was the building. It made me think back to Sim City thy was on my first desktop as kid. Graphics were crappy and sucked and lagging was considered loading. But it was pretty cool in the 90s lol. 

I loved building houses and once I understood how to budget things I would put in what was needed and then dress up the house. I had a blast!! I spent most of the time building or adding something new. I built a bowling alley, restaurant and a night club. I was in my glory. Once Sims 3 came out with more fancier items and such I was happier to build that much more. I wish they would come out with more modern homes. Like the ones that are basically one floor but with platform raised rooms where more than one step is needed. That would be lovely!! Only thing I dislike about the Sims 3 is it doesn't always accept custom made items like 2 did. It seems to crash and spazz out when something crazy is added and it won't accept it and will mess up the whole game. But no matter all the times I had to go through that I still like to play and I enjoy it very much. I wouldn't live without it lol. I love that game it's like my favorite game ever. 

I'll also admit that I love the cheats in the game too lol. My favorites are free real estate and the motherlode lol. Hey if those were a possibility in real life I would be sucha a happy camper ^_^. 

Until that ever happens I'll bank on Sims 4 coming out with something spectacular in the near yet distant future lol. 

And if your a Simmer like I am, add me as a friend ok :D. 

And those of you who aren't I suggest you try that game out, you might learn something you never knew!

One of the many variations of a Sim Me lol
If you'd like to download her to your game click here


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