Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25DOB | Day 15

"This Sucks!"

I thought I would use this post to talk about a birthday or birthdays in general I guess. 

Besides the kiddie birthdays, like the ones 4 years and under were nice. I can only go by what was in the home movies you know?? 

I don't know it seemed like every time after that was a sucky ass birthday. While I was in elementary school. We always had a field trip on my birthday, it always was raining zoo animals and the field trip was to a place like the football stadium or something lame. I never had fun and I always seemed to either get dirty or have a terrible day periodall day! It was dreadful. 

My 14th Birthday was pretty nice I was so excited and I dont know why. I spent my birthday at someone's college graduation party. But I had fun and it was a nice birthday. Maybe always I was in LaLaLand about being so successful and having a family and meeting Mr. Right and all those goodies lol.
y 15th birthday I think we got out of school early so I was happy. My 16th birthday was our school picnic I think or school festival for those of you that don't have a school picnic. I didn't go to the amusement park like everyone but I wanted a Sweet 16 Birthday Partynever happened. Another sucky birthday. But then again i've got to wonder would anybody from school would have come to my party anyway??? The 17th Birthday was the PITS!! Not only did I have to sit through this lame ass so called pep rally-slash-concert for people who didnt care about my birthday nor said happy birthday to me. Why support people in being a so called multiplatinum rap star and they can even say hi to me in the hallways. Yea another sucky birthday. 

My 18th Birthday. I planned on skipping school that day and going to the mall with my then best friend. Because I was also planning on staying with her for a whole week and avoid at all costs from going to prom. Well didn't work out that way. Two my teachers asked me I come and they got my a birthday cake and I was happy. But I felt so lethargic that day, like a snail on a treadmill I couldn't keep up with the happenings and goings on around me. And I remember that day after school for me I wanted to go home and change my clothes and then go to my cousins house. I didn't have enough money for the bus. So I fought it out. I was so tired and exhausted when I finally got there. Then I found out I caught a bad ass cold that whipped me!! I got two birthday cakes and presents but I felt horrible. My only chance at becoming an adult and celebrating was ruined by a disease. And the people at school only wanted to be nice that day to me to get a piece of cake how rude was that??? 

The 19th birthday was fun spent it with the best friend out at the mall. I was happy. Not that I didn't mind spending my birthdays with my parents. It got old and you want to share something special like that with a bestie or lover over you know??? 

The 20th Birthday, well it was nice and I spent it with the family like I normally did or ended up having to do since I had no friends or lovers. Unfornately I had twisted both my ankles and messed my feet up so here I am crippled, bandaged and on crutches for my 20th. BUT WHO CARES?? 21 is gonna be SPECTACULAR!! 

21st Birthday, not only did I find out I couldn't drink alcohol, but I got my report card too. Which had showed I had failed damn near all my classes so not only did I get a nice dinner I got cussed out by my parents ^_^. Fabulous, I know right??

y 22nd Birthday was the first birthday I had to spend without my dad. And it was bittersweet in a sad way. My mom wasn't much into celebrating and my auntie was doing it out of being nice. But I spent most of the time regretting all the times I didn't want to spend my birthday with my parents....

he 23rd Birthday. Not only did I have my tongue and nose pierced and could barely eat anything. The bill collectors or debt collectors (for my student loans) if you will. Said that since I got a bunch of birthday presents I should sell them and all the money I've got from friends and family I should send it all to them. I told them I had no friends and all I got for my birthday was $5 from my mom. Which they refuse to take because "that wasn't enough." So not only did they ruin my birthday and fuck up the whole day for me. I was determined not to celebrate it any more. Because I felt Facebook shouldn't have to remind people of my birthday. It's not hard. Dead smack in the middle of May. And my family never was nice enough to call me up or say happy birthday. To be honest, none of them really remembered my birthday. They forgot and didn't do it by accident, not even on purpose. I didn't matter from the get go, so neither should my birthday. I'd be lucky if I got a card ONCE from those sorry ass people. So why get so happy and celebrate something no one else is really interested in, in the first place?? It was really depressing and I was very unhappy.
ut unfortunately that didn't last long and I changed my mind. Sadly I don't recall what the hell I did for my 24th birthday. All I remember was that I wanted to go to the amusement park with someone and no one wanted to go and you know how people say they so busy but never really are. Like I wouldn't snap the fuck out on you f you grew a pair and told me no or even I don't know. I would feel a lot better about it that way. Never happens. I assume it was nice and it was enjoyable so let's go with that ^_^.

s for this upcoming 25th birthday. I hope I get to wake up an see it and be excited over it :D. I hope that it's not sucky or crappy and no one tries to ruin it. Then I'll be happy. I just hope that in the upcoming days that I'll have a good outlook on what I really and truly want to do with myself and that it works out for the best and doesn't backfire in my face like all the other plans did.

nd as for the rest of the birthdays yet to come I hope they can be just as enjoyable ^_^. If not better an unforgettable lol.


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