Tuesday, May 8, 2012

25DOB | Day 14

"Bluntly Speaking"

I guess due to my abruptly changed personality. People have been telling me some of the things that come outta my mouth can't be harsh, mean, nasty and very blunt. They say I'm overly blunt. Well I hope you wasn't expecting me to sugar coat it and say what you wanted to hear?? Besides you asked for my opinion and it's better if I say how I feel. I won't regret it later on when it finally dawns on me XD. I guess holding myself back for so long and keeping how I really felt to myself it finally exploded and I got tired of it and I said how I felt. Then of course I was seen as a wrong horrible person. Who was so insensitive to how people felt. Blah Blah Yadda Yadda Squawkity Squawk Squawk 

Well what about when my feelings didn't matter and you said awful harsh things to me or made me cry or when you made fun of mewhat about all that stuff?? 

Then I get one of those: 

That was differentbesides why are you bringing up old shit that happened in ancient history?? 

Oh excuse me, I didn't get the multicolored post-it that said my feelings don't fucking matter because you're more importante. I so sorry. 

Fuck that. They can go blow that cockamamie bullshit out their ass and give mine some kisses while they're at it dammit. 

But I do know one thing. Once I started telling people I felt and if it got to worse tell them to go fuck themselves. I felt so much better, it was like a relief!! And I liked that feeling, made me sorta happy in a evil demented way hahaha. 

I say it's better to tell people how you feel. And same goes vice versa, I would rather have someone honestly tell me something then to hold back from me. It's better to be truthful and there's no headaches or upset tummy no lies to make sound truthful. None of that. 

There's nothing wrong with being blunt. Not only are you able to tell this douchewaffle how you feel but they know NOW not to be playing games or fucking with you. It makes life so much simpler and easier. And everyone's happier believe it or not. Now there are some sourpusses in the mix but that's ok, direct their overly confident asses to the corners with the rest of the people waiting for you to give a fuck and call it a day. 

I used to tell people this when they would start pissing me off about being so blunt. 

I would say, "I really don't give a shit, I've got My Little Ponies to color and draw dammit!"


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