Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rainbow CuppyCakes

I found this picture on Facebook last night and had to post it on here. But before I did so I wanted to google and find out where they came from and I found a couple great links you guys :D

Here's the original link to these awesome cupcakes Rainbow SourBelt Cupcakes

If you're interested in making them the only recipe I could find at the moment was this one Home Made Rainbow Cupcakes. A lady made these for her daughters Birthday Party, and they came out pretty nice!! 

Hopefully I'll be able to find a recipe for these and I'll definitely 
post it for you guys and dolls who love to bake out there.

In the meantime here's another site strictly dedicated to cupcakes hehehe. They have a slightly different version but same concept. See link below picture for more info!!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cupcakes


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