Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I dunno why but I'm especially excited for May to finally come. Maybe it's because I'm getting a little older and I'm working on getting my life together now ad for the future. But I feel really good and great about May being here. Can't wait for the Summer but that's a horse of a different story, oui oui?!

So to bring and ring in the new month I decided that I point out a few things about the website if you're confused and it looks cluttered or you're having a slow moment like we can have sometimes, and that's ok.

The Main page is where you will see a few of the blog posts, labels, popular posts, recent posts as well as TWO Navigational menus. First Navigation menu is in the upper right hand corner. I decided to put the Home, About Me and Guestbook in simple easy places we all could find and not have to sift through a decade's worth of crap to find. Trust me I know.

The Second Navigation menu is nestled right up under those awesome pictures. See the pole dancing bunny?? Yea right up under it you'll see Usako, FLH, Entertainment and Extras. The Usako menu you'll find Welcome, Ask Bunny and More Social Network pages. So it's basically covers what the About Me sections (yes there are two, the other shorter about me is at the very bottom of the page), Guestbook and Main Page won't give you. So please check that section out ok!

The FLH is an abbreviation of Favorites or Favs, Likes and Hobbies. Favs and Likes are not the same. Two different sections. Favs are basically things that are my favorites like books, movies, etc. While Likes are more based on things I like to do or find interesting to me. The Hobbies section basically is what it's name says, I talk about my favorite hobbies and the different things that I do to entertain myself lol. I decided to do this so that I don't have to go through the process of telling people. You know how you ask someone what do they like to do for fun, what's their hobbies, favorite food. LOOK I've cut all that out and you just have to go and look and we can move it along lol. So when I get some me-free-time I'll definitely get that together for you guys and let you know when it's finally up lol.

The Entertainment section, is meant for your entertainment purposes, especially if you got bored or if you came here and there's no new post or feel like you've wasted you're time. I don't want you to leave here unhappy lol. So you can go on over to the entertainment section and play a few games, watch some cartoons or participate in one of the polls. I hope you guys do check it out and enjoy yourselves. I may in the future add a few more things depending on how things goes.

The last but definitely not least, The Extra tab for now houses The Bunny Chat Room. You don't need to subscribe or create a username for Chatango. However if you do happen to have an account you can use it and chat with people. I want you guys to get to know each other and me too. So it's like a forum but with more interaction. I would like to come  up with some other interactive type things for you guys. Because you never know who you'll meet or get to know or create a network with. And to me that's very important and have a better chance of a good relationship than any of those you've had in school lol.

Lastly don't forget to subscribe. It's at the bottom of every post and at the bottom of the main page so there's no excuses. So you better subscribe ok lol. But in all seriousness it would mean a lot to me if you would subscribe. I would much prefer that move over the signing of the guestbook but that would be nice as well.

So I just wanted to throw that information out there for everybody in case anybody else was having a blondie moment.

Please keep on coming back to visit me and check out what's new. This is strictly for everybody's entertainment purposes only. If you want self help or politics or something crazy like that, you go google that shit ok ^_^.


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