Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe

I'm sitting here watching the Maury show. And I dunno why. Once I get past the 3rd dumb baby mama screaming and hollering, I get bored. Plus to save time they give everybody's results at the end of the show. Because they know you secretly wanna know and they know you'll sit the hour out just to find out.

Anyways, in past years I would sit there and wonder how do you not know who the baby's dad is?? Unless you got a train run on you or she was raped or something horrible like that. But I dismissed the thought always because I knew that dumb smh wouldn't happen to me lol.

Lemme tell you all one thing—NEVER SAY NEVER. The world is full of possibilities and some of any and everything can and will happen. You just have to try your best and think of the best solution, not a temporary band aid fix.

What I mean mean by that is if you get pregnant. Mommie accept it with pride and say you messed up. Thing happen but you should raise that kid and try your best. Otherwise you'll regret it and it will leave a mark on your heart. However if you feel you can't be that MOMMIE for that baby that's fine too. Just figure out if an adoption or an abortion would be best. However don't go out there get pregnant and feel that if you get rid of it by either abortion or adoption/foster care and go back out to the field to get knocked up again. WTF is wrong with you?? There are people out there who want children of their own but can't for whatever the reasons are and here's your baby manufacturing ass popping them out not giving a fuck—it's wrong on so many levels.

And if anybody got offended. I'm sorry but maybe you shouldn't be reading this blog, ok. Because I'm going to say what I need to say whether anybody gives a damn or not!

Now what I don't understand by any of this is how you not know who the father of your baby is. That to me is just down right trifling. Like how much of a whore can you be??

Hell when I thought I was pregnant, at the time I was with 2 people. Given the fact one was a girl. But even if it wasn't—I would still know who knocked me up. No may not know when it was or when baby's birthday was gonna be, but I would know who it was. Lemme tell you, whether you love the man or not Ladies. Whether you broke up and hate each other. Through the whole time he will constantly weigh on your mind whether you like it or not. I mean why not you've got a piece of him growing inside of you.

I remember reading this book years ago called Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe by Jamise L. Dames. At first I didn't understand the title but the book turned out to be a good one and once I got into the story it made sense. I didn't agree with how it ended but that's not my call lol.

But I felt sorry for the one woman in the book. She got pregnant in college and baby's daddy didnt want her. He even ended up getting partially married. They had a lot of conflict. Well unfortunately their little girl ended up dying and not only did it break her heart but ex-baby's daddy new woman said they could finally get married because there were no more "obstacles in the way." Well she ended up meeting a great guy like Mr. Perfect you know?? He was her everything showered her with nice gifts and things. Well she ended up pregnant again and didn't know who the father was. And I'll end it saying that Mr. Perfect had a secret with her sibling she wasn't ready for or expecting.

If you wanna know more, I suggest you read that book!!

It's ridiculous to me how these women go on the Maury show. Screaming and hollering and that


Then when Maury say he's not the father. What that dumb broad do?? Got get 5 more men off the block and be on the show next week talking about she know for sure it's one them. I remember there was one chick who had 15 plus men tested and NONE OF THEM WAS THE BABY'S FATHER. Now that shit's crazy. That's unbelievable!!

Now here's another perfect example. Nicest guy in the whole wide world. Wants to marry the girl if the baby is his. He loves her and the baby. Well turns out he is the father. Happiest guy you could ever see. Only there's one problem—Ms. Chick don't like him. As a matter of fact she hates him. No love there of whatsoever. Hell that's even sadder. There you got a good man and no he wasn't the cutest thing, but that's not the point. He's willing to make that dumb broad his wife and be a father to his baby. She's says NO... What type of mess is that??

Yea she's the bitch I hate. She got a house full of kids she don't want. And a man for everyday of the week. But she don't want the 7. The guy she want done turned her ass down and told her to get to stepping. So he has to be the immature ass clown to fuck it up for women like me. I got two–make that 3 of them on my street. They dog the shit of their good man or men and chase after the very one that don't want them. But with their nasty ass attitude I can't blame a man for running the opposite direction.

This is why I sleep during these shows lol. I get made and angry and don't understand how the full you don't know. That's just not pliable.

Yeah you may forgot what you ate for dinner last night but you know who that baby's dad is. Bitch stop that playing around and woman up and handle your duties like you should dammit. You make the rest of the race of women hate you.

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