Monday, April 23, 2012



So, while I was doing what I like most and stalking new blogs to follow and learn from. I came across one of those family type blogs and while I was skimming through the blog I notice something absolutely awesome on the sidebar!! It was this little counter type of gadget that not only intrigued me but I thought it was absolutely adorable!! There was two of them and they both showed the ages of the woman's kids and I decided to click on it because I thought it was so cute.....It doesn't take much to make me happy lol. Hell you can give me a coloring book with a big old BOX of crayons lol.

I clicked on it and not only did they have ones for kids, and pregnancies, but just for almost everything and I thought that was pretty cool!!

The site I ended up clicking on was called and it has other pages and goodies it links to. I love absolutely all of them, LIKE OMG they have so many and it's not even funny! Even found out that I got exactly 3 weeks and 6 days before my 25th Birthday LOL.

But another reason why I got so happy about it was because I loved that it had all this baby counters and goodies. I said OMG I'm definitely going to have to get in with the motion when my mommy time comes around hehehe ;D.

So to my expectant blogging mommies and daddies out there and everyone else too, you guys be sure to check out this site!!

Click on the image to visit their blog!!


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