Monday, April 30, 2012

25DOB | Day 6


"Bunny Bar Mirror"

The Playboy Pink Bunny Tattoo Hibiscus Mirror
About 2 years ago, I went out to the mall and one of the stores I frequent would be Spencer's. I basically love the shirts, gloves, body jewelry and other accessories they have there. OH! And the kinky stuff too lol, my mom loves the little baby penis lollipops they sell haha.

nyway during the summer, I happen to go into Spencer's and I'm checking things out and notice they have this Playboy Bunny Bar Mirror. OMG! It was Love at First Sight, I'm not even gonna LIE!! But the mirror was a little pricey at first but they had TONS of them. But for $50+ that was a lot to me lol. So I said maybe at some point they might put it on sale. Now this was like April or May of 2010. So by July, I go into the store with my aunt and notice they brought the price down to $30....I'm excited but still not that excited. So around July, I go on in there just to window shop because I was either in the process of getting my permit or learning to drive, so I was a busy beaver lol. I walk in there and they had like 3 or 4 mirrors left HALF OFF yes yes 50% off of $30!!


was so excited, so I had to go back out there the very next day, after whatever the hell I did that day in August and rushed to get mirror. So I snatched it up and paid my $15 for it and was the happiest bunny EVER lol.

nd I had a stupid friend with me who questioned, "Why are you getting such a stupid looking mirror you can barely see yourself and why do you need it?? Where are you going to put it?? What's it purpose?? Blah Blah Yadda Yadda SQUAWK SQUAWK!?!?"

told them I wanted it because, I just did. I thought it was GORGEOUS, it was a beautiful. And I said I would put it in my apartment (then when dreams of having of my own apartment filled my twisted mind), right by the front door. Because not only was it going to be decoration but there's enough room too see if you got a cow lick or smudge makeup or some other last minute quick fix. You know?!

o I happily hopped along with my mirror, and shopped around that evening. But here's the funny part lol. Not only was I catching the bus then, I was still a clumsy klutz. At some point while we were in the food court, didn't I drop my mirror. You don't know the feeling that crept into my heart OHH, I felt like my heart was going to explode and I wanted to cry right then and there. There I was in my dress on the dirty food court floor about to cry big old alligator tears about my mirror that I worked so hard to get, checking to see if it was broke. Meanwhile my stupid friend found the crime scene a humourous moment. Guess what?? Mirror wasn't BROKE!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I was soooo happy!! So it's time to mosey on home and what happens?? Yes, yes I dropped again. Dropped it walking to the bus, dropped it getting on the bus, dropped it sitting DOWN on the bus. Dropped it at a stop light, even dropped it getting off the bus. And within all those times, did it break?? NO. LOL. So while me and the friend are walking home I dropped it, and when I finally got home to show my mom, I dropped it. STILL DIDN'T BREAK!! Was that Mirror a Soldier or what???

Well, about last summer my mama says to me, OH MY GAWD, What's this??? So some how my cute little bunny mirror which I had tucked behind the sofa. Well it was actually sitting on the window ledge and I didn't know, so it fell and rolled by the front door, so not only did my my kick it by accident but it got smacked with the steel front door too. So I picked it up and checked it out and examined it and it was still in tact lol. I showed it to her and she said when the hell did you get that?? I told her the story and she said she'd forgotten I got it in the first place.

y mama said, "Since you're not getting an apartment, what will you do with the mirror??" I hadn't thought of that....

he said, "You should put it in you room once you get it painted, it's a beautiful mirror and I think it will look nice there."

o that's where it's going to go when I get my room painted, maybe...If I ever do get my own little place to call home, I just might take it with me and put it there. Right there by the front door or in an unusual spot that'll get peoples attention enough to check it out and notice that it's not just a bar mirror, but something very beautiful.

I love that Soldier Mirror LOL. But isn't beautiful??? I'm happy I was able to get it and that I have a good memory associated with it.


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