Friday, April 27, 2012

25DOB | Day 3




f you're a true Dork you know exactly what it means and you're probably thinking of an Anime girl. And if you don't that's perfectly ok.
o here's the definition:

tsundere (soon-deer)
When a person acts cold towards another before gradually warming up to that person or person who acts cruel to the ones they love also called a love/hate relationship. [Source]


It's basically someone who acts Lovey Dovey at one point and "To turn away in disgust" (Wikipedia definition says so).

ut now that you got the gist of it lol. Anyway, my mom would always tell me that my personality was made up of 3 (technically 4 I'll explain) types. 1st type she said I had a sick sense of humour like my dad's father. The 2nd type, I was like her father where I wanted anything I wanted I'd stop at nothing to get it, but was giving in my own way. And as for 3rd & 4th which were basically my mean streak, she said I inherited a double dose from both my grandmothers who were some serious bad ass old chicks.

o I was a Tsunderella (soon-deer-ella) before I even knew it lol.
hen I became a teen most people would comment on how happy hyper I was or how I always looked pissed off or unhappy. It never made sense really but I was just the type of person who wore my emotions and facial gestures on my sleeve so to speak. Sometimes I would even make faces and not know that I was doing so haha. And I guess you could say as I got older it got worse or more prominent, especially if someone could read the face I was making.
ow that I'm older people have said it's gotten worse or more bad ass if you will. I just say it's gotten more grown up with my age and there's nothing wrong with that, right?? They always talk about my pictures looking like someone took my cookies and pissed me off lol. 

Anyway, around December there was this awesome Tumblr post about Finding Your Inner-Chara Type. When I searched for my birthday and found out I was Tsundere, at first I got mad then upset. Then for some odd reason I got really happy about it. Then it made me think
Well when you do consider a Taurus we are very Tsundere people, right?? Very Stubborned and Hot tempered in one sense and in the other we are very loving, loyal and dependable. Very Tsundere if you ask me lol.

In my thoughts this is what Tsunderella would look like.
Elegant and feminine in her own way.
But got her pants on just in case she needs to kick someone's ass,  a total TomBoy lol.

So recently I've decided to accept the fact that I am a Tsunderella, and I wouldn't change it for the world! No I may not seem like a dark colored hair, fair skinned Anime girls we all know and love. But I think it's pretty good. Plus how many people do you know will openly admit that they're tsundere and be proud of it lol. If I decide to take m
horoscope's advice and let Love find me, whoever he might be, will definitely have his hand very full and maybe that's a good thing.

To Tsundere Land


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