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25DOB | Day 2



So I've decided that I'll do the posts in rainbow colored text. Why?? I dunno I think it keeps things interesting lol. However the first post will stay in it's usual color and so will the last post. It'll be a like a rainbow with clouds effect, but postly.

I am a lover and believer of the Zodiac, Horoscopes and I love Astrology that much more. Why?? A very simple explanation of course.

he reason why I love horoscopes so much is because I was born by a horoscope. How cool is that?? Lol My mama didn't know she was pregnant with me until 4 days after her 41st Birthday and I ended up showing up 13 days later!! Which also means that me and my mom's birthdays are 17 days apart exactly.

nyway, back in 1987 around March 20. My mom's family decided to throw this Birthday Celebration for my Grandma and My Dad who both shared March 20th as their birthday. So while they're partying awesomely back then, none of the old timers could tell that my mom was pregnant. Given the fact she was a big woman and wasn't showing much. Or at least until the OBGYN decided to check me out sonogramically and then her tummy popped out there like a BIG old balloon.
ell my mom was a believer of the whole horoscope mumbo jumbo and the morning of the party she happened to read the Horoscope section. She looked at my Dad's horoscope, he was a Pisces, and it said:

A new family member will make their presence known either by a birth or a marriage within the next two months.

nd it also stated how happy everyone was going to be over this new family member.
ell my mom paid it no attention then. So like I mentioned above my mom didn't know she was pregnant with me, she found out because she was having chest pains from me kicking her rib cage. The Doctor said I was getting into the Birthing Position. She made an appointment on May 7, 1987 and that Doctor told her and my dad she was pregnant and due any day. My mom called him a QUACK and Lunatic and demanded a second opinion. Next Day she goes to another Doctor he tells them the same thing that she's pregnant but due any MINUTE....NOW. My parents thinking the world is now full of crazies, ignored them.

o she ended having to go back to the doctors at some point and they had to do all this kind of testing on her and getting her prepared for birthing methe whole 9!! Which brings us to May 17, 1987, my mom is sick as a dog. She could barely eat anything and wasn't a happy camper. I bet around this time one of our crazy dogs had scratched her on her leg and she screamed OW which sent my dad over the edge. Saying he didn't get enough time to get prepared for my arrival lol. By the 19th, the Doctor felt it was best that she come into the hospital since she was having such a hard time. So before she did such she went to go vote (its was election day), which might explain why I dislike it so much. Taking time out to vote for people she don't remember instead of going straight to the hospital.
Wasn't I adorable when I was born?? I was 2 hours old when they took this picture of me :D

Well she makes it to the hospital and they decided to induce labor and that was around 8 or 9 in the morning. I was born May 20, 1987 at 1:18am on a Wednesday (yay for hump day lol) during a half full or half empty moon (take your pick). Exactly two months away from my Dad's Birthday, let's just say everybody was surprised. When I got older she showed me my dad's horoscope for my birth year. She had framed it in a little gold picture frame and kept it in the dining room with some other photographs.

was so happy and overjoyed that I got to be not only a good thing but a Horoscope that actually came true. My Dad never really paid too much attention to them and thought my mom was silly for looking at them. But I bet he was super happy when that particular one came true. And I guess you could say it played a big role in my life. I live by them. NOT ALL THE TIME, because they can and will be wrong. But for the most part they've always made me happy and excited me. Held my interest like a baby with some sparkly type object or a Cat if you will with a ball of yarn. Even to this day I read my horoscope almost every morning or at least try to. And it always puts a smile on my face because I think to myself, maybe one day I'll get that same awesome horoscope when I have my own child,



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