Wednesday, April 25, 2012

25 Days of Bunny | Day 1

Oooo!! I'm so excited!! I can't believe we've made it this far!! Lol

So two things before I begin!!

1. Even though the title is awesome and all. It's a trip writing that out every time and can be just as difficult if you guys want to read a certain post right?? So like the 12 Days of Christmas it's going to be abbreviated from the 25 Days of Bunny to 25DOB. Catchy huh??

2. All of the posts will have the title or topic/subject usually at the very beginning—unless I decide to switch it up lol.

With that being said


"3 Kizz, 2 Hugz, 1 Luv"

I always felt that no matter what you should tell people you care about how much you care about them. Let them know you're thinking of them, and how much you appreciate their existence in your life.

I used to use this saying all the time. Why?? Because I saw a picture glitter gif and said HEY I LIKE THAT, IT'S CUTE!! They would always say what does that mean or why are you saying that or why are you spelling it that way. No matter how it's spelt it has a lot of meaning.

3 kisses.

2 hugs.

1 love.

I love you can mean a lot. However it can also mean nothing. That's the sad part about those 3 words you know??

But to me, well for me. When I say 3 kisses, 2 hugs, 1 love.

I feel like I'm giving you not one, not two but three kisses. And all good things come in threes.

Two great good hugs. Because I know my hugs are the best. Embraced, happy and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Which will always lead down to the number one thing. The most important. How much I love you. How much you make my heart happy. How much you make everything alright. The love we share means the world to me. Platonic, Intimate or Family related—my love is still the same. You care for me, then I'll definitely will care for you.

And when you put all three of those together, it can be the most beautiful saying ever spoken from the human lips.

Or at least I think so lol.

Sounds silly but it's true.

I'd love to get 3 kisses, 2 hugs, and 1 love all the time everyday. But just to hear it once, would be all I need to know that someone truly cares about me.

So when you see your bestie, family member, or even a frienemy. Give them that saying and see the big smile that'll come across their face.

Hey if you want my honest opinion.... Actions can speak louder than words.

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