Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Good April Fool's Prank

Alright Boyz & Girlz!!

Want to do something fun this year?? Want to prank someone that you never got to prank?? Do you feel the need to be mischievous or just down right deliciously evil???


Those are things I want to hear lol.

Anyway here's something that'll sure knock the socks off of people

SAFE SEX trick

So heres what you'll need:

★ A blank index card or if you want to step it up get some card stalk and print it out.

★Type exactly what the above photo says or like I said print it out.

★If you don't have 2 condoms handy, go buy a pack (besides they can be used until their expiration date lol) besides any brand and color will do!!

★Put a VISIBLE STAPLE and then make it look like its been ripped or tampered with.

★Bring it and put all together (& mark it with a B for Bunny & Me lol). Make one with the tampered staple and then make another with the condom stapled to the card.


Pick a night to get yawl's groove on or if you have a "Couple Night" best if this is done in the dark or dim lighting. If you can pull this off in the daylight so be it!! So while yawl are getting "prepared" ....say


Use a condom that hasn't been tampered with AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT staple or poke holes in the condom and say I made your dumbass do so ok!!

Now for the scenarios:

Scenario #1

Then next morning or a day or so later put out the Safe Sex Card. When your lover happens to see or find it and they ask whats this?? Or you catch them looking at it ask what's up or what you got there??

They'll ask what's this about or something like that and then just say:

OH YEA!! They were "passing them out at the blah blah blah" or I picked it up at the "clinic" or if you're in college say you got it from the "nurse"

That's the condom we used the other night. Thank god they stapled it on so it won't get lost, it's a nice campaign for safe sex......

In the midst of your conversation pull out the card with the stapled condom and say


with a big ol smile and then make sure to have the camera or video camera handy so you can take a pic of that AWESOME REACTION =D

Scenario #2

Pranking your Elders!!

So gather your mum and dad (in-laws too if you have them lol) and invite them over for dinner or something and make it casual and fun and then bring up a discussion politics, ponies, whatever we want them distracted.

So grab the untampered condom and bring it out and "accidentally drop it" or "place" it in a spot they'll all look or be nosey in. Like the bathroom or living room, kitchen.

When someone brings up or hints at kids or are you guys gonna get married or something. Deny it, even if you are, DENY IT!!


No we're not ready for kids
No we're not trying to conceive
Or not financially prepared

Etc. etc.

BESIDES WE PRACTICE SAFE SEX!! And use a condom always!!!

So when they look at you dumbfounded or someone asks or mentions they saw the condom card.

Ask where they saw it and go get it and say

You mean this card?? We got it from a friends or a doctors office or clinic, etc.

We had a bunch of these and used them all up.


Scenario #3

Parents want to be the killjoy in your kids' date night or prom??

Tell your teen to invite their bf/gf over for dinner or spend a day with the family. Before hand call the kids parents so there won't be any misunderstandings or mishaps lol.

Next get the teens alone and bring up the safe sex convo in a strict but nice parental way.


We understand teenage urges and peer pressure to have sex. So before you guys jump out there on cloud 99 we wanted to talk to you about it. If the teens get grossed out reassure them it's ok and you guys were teens once, etc.

Then hand your kid the Safe Sex card and say

Here we thought you could use this

Now if your kid says we can't use this!

Retort: Why not?? Your mom/dad & I used one a couple weeks or a month ago.


if your kid is looking embarrassed and confused say

Don't worry honey that's how your little brother/sister (Give random kid name that's not one of your current children's name) something like this

Don't. Worry honey that's how baby Jaden was born.

And when your kid says baby brother/sister who?? I don't have a baby sibling by that name or any opposition

Retort: Well NO NOT YET!! S/HE will be here in January, February or if you want to screw with them say September or October or something. And give a big smile and say

Take that picture!!!!

& thus scream April fools or tell them it's a joke so they won't die of unhappiness and just laugh your ass off


I think so!!!


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