Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Good April Fool's Prank

Alright Boyz & Girlz!!

Want to do something fun this year?? Want to prank someone that you never got to prank?? Do you feel the need to be mischievous or just down right deliciously evil???


Those are things I want to hear lol.

Anyway here's something that'll sure knock the socks off of people

SAFE SEX trick

So heres what you'll need:

★ A blank index card or if you want to step it up get some card stalk and print it out.

★Type exactly what the above photo says or like I said print it out.

★If you don't have 2 condoms handy, go buy a pack (besides they can be used until their expiration date lol) besides any brand and color will do!!

★Put a VISIBLE STAPLE and then make it look like its been ripped or tampered with.

★Bring it and put all together (& mark it with a B for Bunny & Me lol). Make one with the tampered staple and then make another with the condom stapled to the card.


Pick a night to get yawl's groove on or if you have a "Couple Night" best if this is done in the dark or dim lighting. If you can pull this off in the daylight so be it!! So while yawl are getting "prepared" ....say


Use a condom that hasn't been tampered with AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT staple or poke holes in the condom and say I made your dumbass do so ok!!

Now for the scenarios:

Scenario #1

Then next morning or a day or so later put out the Safe Sex Card. When your lover happens to see or find it and they ask whats this?? Or you catch them looking at it ask what's up or what you got there??

They'll ask what's this about or something like that and then just say:

OH YEA!! They were "passing them out at the blah blah blah" or I picked it up at the "clinic" or if you're in college say you got it from the "nurse"

That's the condom we used the other night. Thank god they stapled it on so it won't get lost, it's a nice campaign for safe sex......

In the midst of your conversation pull out the card with the stapled condom and say


with a big ol smile and then make sure to have the camera or video camera handy so you can take a pic of that AWESOME REACTION =D

Scenario #2

Pranking your Elders!!

So gather your mum and dad (in-laws too if you have them lol) and invite them over for dinner or something and make it casual and fun and then bring up a discussion politics, ponies, whatever we want them distracted.

So grab the untampered condom and bring it out and "accidentally drop it" or "place" it in a spot they'll all look or be nosey in. Like the bathroom or living room, kitchen.

When someone brings up or hints at kids or are you guys gonna get married or something. Deny it, even if you are, DENY IT!!


No we're not ready for kids
No we're not trying to conceive
Or not financially prepared

Etc. etc.

BESIDES WE PRACTICE SAFE SEX!! And use a condom always!!!

So when they look at you dumbfounded or someone asks or mentions they saw the condom card.

Ask where they saw it and go get it and say

You mean this card?? We got it from a friends or a doctors office or clinic, etc.

We had a bunch of these and used them all up.


Scenario #3

Parents want to be the killjoy in your kids' date night or prom??

Tell your teen to invite their bf/gf over for dinner or spend a day with the family. Before hand call the kids parents so there won't be any misunderstandings or mishaps lol.

Next get the teens alone and bring up the safe sex convo in a strict but nice parental way.


We understand teenage urges and peer pressure to have sex. So before you guys jump out there on cloud 99 we wanted to talk to you about it. If the teens get grossed out reassure them it's ok and you guys were teens once, etc.

Then hand your kid the Safe Sex card and say

Here we thought you could use this

Now if your kid says we can't use this!

Retort: Why not?? Your mom/dad & I used one a couple weeks or a month ago.


if your kid is looking embarrassed and confused say

Don't worry honey that's how your little brother/sister (Give random kid name that's not one of your current children's name) something like this

Don't. Worry honey that's how baby Jaden was born.

And when your kid says baby brother/sister who?? I don't have a baby sibling by that name or any opposition

Retort: Well NO NOT YET!! S/HE will be here in January, February or if you want to screw with them say September or October or something. And give a big smile and say

Take that picture!!!!

& thus scream April fools or tell them it's a joke so they won't die of unhappiness and just laugh your ass off


I think so!!!


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50 Shades of Grey

So my mom's a Wendy Williams follower lol. She watchers everyday and even though it's quite hilarious at times, I get concernt for my safety lol.

So I'm sitting here watching Wendy's Friday show and she's talking about books and yawl know me my ears perk up and I get in tuned like a projectile. In the midst of her conversation she mentions this book called 50 Shades of Grey and how it's a book for the Mommies out there. So I thinking this is some book to make those greying ancient artifact moms feel like the other younger moms (I'm sorry, my mind wanders off so don't take it personally lol).

Oh no, it's this trilogy [and if this is the first time you've heard of it too might I suggest you click on the above link]. It's basically "Mommy Porn" as she referred to it. I dunno why but I was stunned, but also very much intrigued!! So you know I went and did my research and read up on it.

OMG! Porn ain't the word for it!! This is some real freaky stuff. However, some that say they're freaky. Really aren't. They're those romanticized love stories that include words like MEMBER & POLE and DARK ABYSS and Breasts—not very intriguing and a total turn off. I'm sorry, maybe your mammas & grand mamas can get down and off to that stuff but I find it boring and way too wordy to explain what happens during a 10 second sex session.

However in all of that I'd like to read it one day maybe. I just need to read the first page to know if I'm gonna like a book or not. However reading the unhelpful/helpful Wikipedia summary on it, I'll admit it......I caved and now I'm interested in looking for the damn book, that not only involves Sex but BDSM.

And if you got to ask what BDSM is, you don't need to read the book or google or anything. Just leave now while you're still innocent and humane ok?! Lol

But anyway ladies have any of you read this?? Was it a good book?? Is it worth the summer time lol??

Tell me coz I wanna know and so does everybody else too!! Lol

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lemme Upgrade Ya

Hey yawl!!

Sound like Paula Deen don't I?? LOL.

Well a few fixes!!

One I've decided on the new domain name.

It's going to be

{drumroll please}

Simple, easy to remember and not taken—yet (hopefully dammit!).

I swear everything I tried to add a dot-com to that involved a Bunny was taken, being used, or needing a new owner. Yea no thanx I'm cool!!

So that should be getting changed definitely by the beginning of April—maybe later. However I do plan on introducing it and letting you all know ahead of time. I promise you won't be lost or anything and you will be able to find me so no worries. I'll be sure to build up for it. Besides I know some of you are saying why are you FIXING SOMETHIN THAT'S NOT BROKEN??? Ehh let's not call it that. No its not broken but there's nothing wrong fixing it, in this case it's more of an upgrade. It's like that wonderful upgrade your iPhone or iPhone Apps always need. Just quicker and less stressful and painful hehehehehe!!

But I'll be building you guys up for the moment so you can be prepared for the move lol.

The 2nd thing.

I dunno about adding more labels or topics just yet. Why?? Because my life's pretty hectic the way it is and adding another would be a lot. However I still plan on doing so. So instead, I will add the one I promised about deals and stuff. So if I remember a good deal or a website or something worth while I'll post it and let you guys know. So you all check it out. I'm still deciding if I should delete old post or Archive them or something I dunno. It depends how it goes ok?? So don't get mad at me if I lag a little bit.

You know I'll take a personal self-motivational field trip every once in awhile but I'll always come back :) lol.

Maybe in the future where my life has settled down a bit and is smooth sailing on a Monthly, Weekly, Daily Afternoon–I'll add a few more labels and topics and maybe who knows we might have a bunch more to talk about in the years to come lol.

For now that's all the fixes—oops I'm sorry, UPGRADES I have for you until next time or something goes utterly wrong in April like it usually does. It never fails does it??? Smh 3 years and every year we've had a problem in April. Ain't that some shit?? Lol I dunno maybe that's what makes things interesting for us or our Climatic HIGHLIGHT for the year and the years to come hahaha.

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Antique Blood | Young Container

My dad used to have this saying he would retort when someone called him old or pops.
He'd say:
I've got young blood it's just in an antique container.

He was a total goofball lol.
So I was thinking. And not only have I noticed that I feel old. But omg have you seen these young kids lately??? They're a mere teenager or 20, 21 year olds. BUT THEY LOOK OLDER THAN I DO and want to talk crazy to me. Like Lil kid GTFOH.
Here's what I mean. When an issue comes up or pops up I always think about it and consider multiple issues and answers, etc. Sometimes if it's simple I know the answer and if not like everybody you need to get your head bumped or feet wet to know what the hell is going on. Like girls nowadays. They're so weak to me when it comes to men. They accept whatever they pick up in whatever bar/club or Internet chat room. Jobless, toothless, with his little boyfriends and more luggage than Paris Hilton & Kim-K combined!! They just in love with these no count men and then expect someone to feel sorry for them when shit gets tough and rough. But then when they ask me my $1 worth I'm like put the mother-fluffer OUT!! Pack his shit in hefty bags and you take yourself and the kids to a new apartment and start anew. Do I get a thank you?? No I get a sermon on how much of an evil, conniving, JEALOUS HO I really am and how I don't understand LOVE and how disrespectful and disobedient I am to men and blah blah yadda yadda yadda!!
Like what you ask for my advice for then?? The hell?
But anyways, it's a lot of different things even things I say. I talk about icebox and or when I talk about the things my grandparents did with my mama.
All in all. It may make me sound old. But I'm not I probably should be 52 lol but no I'm not. I just sound like it from time to time. However the down fall is the "baby face" and added shortness makes me look like a little [fat] kid. Plus my voice is sorta squeaky too. So not only do I look like a teen I probably sound like a tween. Lol. My mom's friends used to always tell her how much I sounded like a cute baby doll on the telephone and it was so cute and stuff.
Everyone has always got my age wrong. I hate it when the kids want to think of me as a little kid. And call me sweetie and stuff.
I'm always like

So unfortunately in all this no I may not need Botox like my fellow 25yos but it's sad and truly annoying to get carded everywhere you go. But, I'm happy I don't look hard like some people do!! These kids are scary and I'm like damn do I look like they do??
I hope not…
In the style of Ernes-T
I got antique blood it's just in a young container
—for now hahaha
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Exercising 101

Any of you out there that hate exercising like I do??

No matter if they're playing my favorite song or if there's shiny Pom-Poms involved or noise makers or a bakers dozen of hotties on my tv or physically in front of me. I'm sorry I'm just not motivated and I get pissed off and bored easily. I just hate exercising.

I don't mind walking around but living in the hood or bad part of town where rabid crazy dogs and creeping kidnappers are roaming about—IT'S NOT SAFE!!

Not to mention these gyms and community joints are ridiculous with their membership prices. Like dammit for $40 a month I expect VIP treatment and security and bouncers. But I say no to these places anyway because I don't like that every gym, even the fitness center on a college campus, always has that one group of miscreants hanging around not working a muscle but they're just THERE. WHY!? Are you getting a boner or are you here to hang coz the club kicked yo ugly ass out???? It's creepy and I no likey!!

But I found out that the only way I can enjoy it is if I get a "reward" of some sort. No no I don't mean food or something expensive or a certificate. But a meaningful reward. Like a new purse, new clothes, jewelry, a new game so on and do forth. I dunno call it silly but I feel better knowing I gave my best and worked hard and the small prize might be meaningless but its worth it to me. Like when I was cheerleading in high school. The fact of losing the THEN extra pounds was rewarded by a uniform, ribbons and bows, Pom-Poms, social status, spending my Friday nights at a Basketball game in hopes of of team victory. It was very rewarding. To a point of course. But it made me happy.

Now I'd look just silly attempting something like that. But the reward part still is a motivation. However the down size for me is when the reward gets old or the progress stops. Then what exactly have you gained right??

You ever work out expecting to lose a pound or 5 and you gain triple of what you THOUGHT you were gonna lose?? Then to top it off you're still a weakling. Hell a newborn baby got more muscle than you. Damn shame ain't it?? It's crazy!! And water spose to be light and weightless....ain't that much water in the world, ok?

So anyway about year or two ago. Probably when I came home from college I said I would lose some weight just to stay on the up-and-up with my energy. Because once you lose activity or no longer have a need for a certain activity your body will get lazy on you and it'll be hard. It's like that transition from high school to college or life after school. You know where your hella active running around and it comes to a stop and you enjoy sitting your Kardashian ass down for a little bit and then 3 years later you're tryna figure out why you can no longer see your feet. Well anyway I came across this website that gave a list of activities to do to lose 1 pound. Well that makes sense. It can help. The whole jumping jack, crunches, push & sit ups circus ain't my thang ok! However since the computer war over the years, I haven't seen that list in forever!! So I googled and found, I guess, a new list or an old one. Either way it's still useful information.

I decided to post the list, however what I like most about this list, it's made especially for you. You enter your age and current weight (no lying) and it tells you how many minutes you have to perform or do a activity to lose 1 pound exactly. Which is good because the whole all you need is 30 minutes and a cardboard treat will do it & within in 7-10days you'll lose one dress/pant size. Just because you lose an ounce doesn't make it any better. Thats a disaster waiting to happen.

Then, I found another "calculator" on the site called The Ideal Weight Calculator. It tells you an ideal weight. For me I personally said and feel, anywhere between 120-130lbs is an ideal weight for a woman who's 5'3". Guess what the calculator told me?? The ideal weight would be around 126lbs. Not too far off the beating path huh?? Lol. I will be honest I do NOT think its healthy for someone my height to be a 100lbs. That's very unhealthy and can result in someone wanting to be skinnier. Did you know that's the average weight of a 10 year old. Hell you should have your skinny ass in a car seat!! Now you can get mad but I'm just being real. If you don't like it you shouldn't've been reading this blog OK!!


Ok so here's my personal list of activities I can do to lose 1 pound.

List of Activities on How to Lose 1 Pound (1lb)

If you'd like to use this please by all means do so, however I think it would be best if you do your own then that way you know for sure what will help you out!

Trust me being at war with weight and judgemental people can be a strenuous task and quite frustrating. I should know!! I've had yo-yo weight since I was kid, tried all the fad and cutie diets, got daily exercise and nothing. For me the only time it really helped was when I skipped meals and starved myself. Which I will get into later. It's not the healthiest or most logical way to do things. However we all have our own way of losing weight and no one should be forced into harming themselves or putting themselves in the line of danger.
So listen to me and do ways best and healthy for you. If you need a break by all means take one!! Need a piece of candy, go right ahead just don't go overboard and no sneaking food!! That makes it worse lol.

So do what's best for you ok!!

Find a nice exercising activity that not only interests you but its also fun. Take your time and take a break if you need one. It's ok, fuck that buff bod dude and skinny ho over there they don't know where the hot wing shop is at right??? HELLO—BUT WHO DO?? WE DO!! Lol!

One thing I did love was the games for the wii. It was fun, got to sweat and enjoyed being competitive. And if I got tired I'd take a break and play some bejeweled or UNO or something then I get back to it. So not only can that be a good investment but an additional help in your endeavors. Then a good diet can help to a point too and I'll get to that in another post ^_^. And don't forget to reward yourself!! Losing 50lbs might be great and all but losing 1lb is just as good and it deserves to be rewarded too :).

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Lose 1 Pound

Ok so if you haven't done so please visit this website:

Lose 1 Pound Calculator

If your aiming to lose weight and can't seem to jump on the fitness crazy people band wagon. Don't worry your not the only one. However the website can calculate your age and weight and give you a list of activities you can do to lose weight!

The list below is telling you how many minutes it would take you to lose one pound. It's the not the best but it's not the worst and it can be of help.

This list is made for me, we are all different and not all activities like push-ups, and running are meant for everybody. However this list not only gives variety, but may help you find something you've never tried before and would like to try!

So go to that website and check things out!!


I decided to use pictures below since not only was the font and list getting chopped and screwed. It wasn't looking neat the way I wanted and expected. So until a later date, I'll get it fixed up for you guys and redo it and post this again for future reference too!!

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Do any of you suffer from Allergies??

I've always had allergies or always been allergic to something. From diary products that make me dog sick to hating Spring and Summer that comes with sneezing my head off and stiff joints.

They're a pain in the ass aren't they??

But is it me or are they unusually super hero strong this year?? I'm all for a nice winter but kill that green shit off so I can breathe and sleep!!

I know, I'm feeling the dragging grogginess because my hair went from a cute nice flat iron pony clad to looking like a stalk of Brocoli XXDDD HAHAHAHA. That's how I know I don't feel good.

Not to mention my hands always peel so bad and they look so damn dry even the Vaseline ain't working. Well least it did help the lips so I'm happy there lol.

But where do allergies come from?? What are they good for??

Everyone's allergic to something and some want to be sick like those mentally ill hypochondriacs out there. And also we get new stuff we find out we're allergic too.

Like usually me any diary product is just an accident waiting to happen. NOOO I don't get the poopy thing like everybody else just a bad ass tummy ache. Lol had to say so ok XD. I'm allergic to pollen and dust and even grass. Hate nature, and sometimes it gives me hives like crazy!! Now last year I found out I was also allergic to peanuts and Ibuprofen. Ain't that about a bitch. Especially the ibuprofen. I was talking it cause I was suffering from these bad headaches and sinus head aches. However as soon as I took some ibuprofen my body would start itching like crazy and I'd be covered in red stop sign hives and my face and hands and feet would balloon up and swell so bad I could barely eat or breathe, touch anything or move it was HELL!!

But it's funny how your body changes as you get older or you end up hating the very thing you used to love to death! It was crazy!!

Now for the past couple days I've been sneezing but I'm afraid though!! My grand-diddy sneezed so hard once and threw his back out and was damn near permanently crippled from it. And I've got my own back problems and I ain't fin go through something like that since the ones I've been having have been hurting. It's like getting karate kicked in the back and chest at the same time by a well trained samurai from Osaka ...... Yea.

I guess as the weather keeps transcending I'll eventually pick up some benadryl and zyrtec to release me!! Lol

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Draw My [Some]Thing!!


I dunno how many of you are dorks like I am.

But there are certain games that rock my socks. Especially those twisted mind games that makes you think or use your brain in a way you normally wouldn't ya kno?? Lol

So there was this Facebook App I found or stumbled upon called Draw My Thing. It's something like pictionary. But it's online and people or the person you're play with has to figure out what you're drawing and trying to say.

Well there are 2 versions. The online version can have up to at least 10 people I think at the most. And no more than 3-4 rounds and you can play and play. Only problem is that when someone leaves the game or basically chat room it ends the game and you lose your progress and have to start over. So whoever are the first 3 or 4 people guesses the correct word they get points.

Now the second version called Draw Something that's an iPhone or Andriod App. And it's only a 1-on-1 game that seems to have infinity rounds. The longest round I played was maybe 40 or so. However if the person can't guess the word and passes or gives up you start back at round one. What I like is this one doesn't have consequences in spelling out the word like the online version does. And there's more challenging words like people, strange ass objects. Plus you gain monetary points you can spend to buy more paints or colors or ink. Or buy bombs that either get rid of some of the letters or switches words if you need them too. Plus you can have at least 10 1-on-1 games going at the same time.

Its actually quite addicting but it is fun to me. I like to color and draw and could do that all day long. I think one of the reasons I stopped doing so on the net. Not only was it hard to find people to play with. Every got mad at me because I used my awesome tablet. Well hell you expect me to use a laptop mouse to draw and color?? I'm awesome but I'm not that kinda awesome.

Anywayz!! If you haven't played it yet you should totally check it out once. It takes some getting used to but it's enjoyable hehehee :D

Yea I'm a dork so what, sue me short bus regular hahaha!

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The Mathematical Tourist: The Street with No Name

So in the midst of my googling the other night I came across this picture that I fell in love with. I decided to check out the website it came from, something I rarely do not unless it's an interesting photo or I need a photo source or something. And all in all I'm happy I stumbled upon this!!!

The Mathematical Tourist: The Street with No Name

So for those of you that's getting to know me and haven't check out the About Me page.

My name is LéSans LéRue. My mama named me after my dad's ex-girlfriend from high school. Yea I know, crazy huh?? Lol. It's Canadian French for Street Without A Name or Nameless Street. Thank God we don't use American Meanings for our names right?? Haha!!

So since its a very unusual name there isn't much on it and not only is it hard to find someone named LéSans, finding those cute License Plates and matching accessories are like looking for a specific needle in a barrel full of specific needles—next to impossible. All the LéSans' I knew are older than me and pretty much all of them have passed on to the other side. Tragic.

Anyway from time to time I like to google and see if there's something new or added. And I came across the picture and decided to read the post.

So not only does he say where he found the awesome picture but the post is dated May 19th.

My birthday is May 20th.

If that's not awesome I dunno what could be hahaha!!

So I had to share this awesome good tidbit with everyone.

You never know what you'll find web you look hard enough!!

Not only did I find an awesome blog to follow but it had something to do with me as a person and became more than just a something but a great happy personal memory for me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coz I Care 4 U [Still]


Well for those of you that don't know or just beginning to get in the thick of things, I'll let you know why I titled this the way I did.


So about 3 or so years ago I met this really great guy. Who happened to be a mailman and of a family that my parents and family mentioned a lot about. You see his family produces football greats. Anyway long story short I ended up falling head over heels for him. Fell so in love I wanted to do things for him, I would never consider. Not even in the best of my moods. But irregardless whether he was something great or mediocre; he was special to me. He was perfect. I dunno if it was because I missed that man interaction or because he was always sweet to me. I loved him, his flaws and knew I wanted to be with him forever. He was all I thought about and all I wanted.

Even though I was shy, I'd go out everyday to meet him. Even in the freezing cold, I'd wait for HOURS just to see his face, hear his voice and see that beautiful smile of his. Love makes you do crazy things lol. He even asked me out and in the midst of my clumsiness he misunderstood and never really heard my answer.

Well just so happen, he mentioned something about his football career and he told me to google it and I decided to so. However I ended up finding something I wasn't prepared for but would never know really then how to handle it completely. And I still don't. Found out he was married. He never told me directly and I'm disappointed in him about that. But not mad, because how could I?? This wasn't a crush or something unrequited. I'd experience those before and knew what it was like to be rejected and move on. But to find out the man I fell in love with was married, was married before I even graduated high school and his wife was one of my older cousin's best friends was a lot to handle in one blow.

So! For the past year or so I've been trying to forget him. Act like I've never met him and hope one day he'd just be a pleasant nightmarish memory. But I'll be honest. I can't seem to do that. The slightest thought of him makes those Love-strung feelings reappear like I was meeting him again for the first time all over again. I even considered taking him away from his wife, even making him cheat on her. However I didn't want to tear him away from his family—his kids. I also didn't want to be the Mistress or Secret on the side chick not even a Homewrecker. That wasn't me and I felt guilty and bad doing so and I hadn't made a move. Did tell him I wanted to rape the shit outta him OMG....anyway, sorry lol.

So I saw him over the winter from time to time. And I would sit in the car ad watch him walk, love his walk. Hell he's a grown ass man, and if you know.... You know what I'm talking about. Or I'd sit in the car and daydream about him, reminisce our short time we spent together. A couple of weeks ago I saw him, the uncle had come over and we were outside chatting it up. So here he comes and our eyes lock. Not only did I get completely ignored but he made a face at me. I'm like damn *stabs knife into heart* didn't know you could be so shady. No hello, how are you. No smile, no hug, not even a hey I missed ya its been awhile. Nothing. Nothing but a frown and him acting like I'm suran wrap. What Mariah Carey say?? See right through you like you're bathing in windex. And not only did that happy feeling come but my heart was aching. It hurt. I've been rejected and told no before but this time around. Not only is it hard that the person you want is taken by someone else but for them to forget, ignore or act like you don't exist at all and never did hurts. Yet in all that. Still I love him.

Makes you wanna cry?? HELL makes me wanna cry.

My Prince in shining armor was not only everything I had hoped for and more and everything I expected. I was told I'd get a guy like him some day. However he was taken by a [evil] queen, and I never got my chance to fight for him or his love.

So now, from time to time my thoughts get clouded and jaded by him. And I get happy, then angry to sadden and wonder if I can really fall in love again. I mean how can I?? I know it's possible. But how do I know for sure I won't end up in another wasted love. Tainted Love. I wasted 3 years on a guy who will never leave his wife or would want me for long. And ended up making bad choices. I don't regret meeting him and I'm happy I did and got to experience love for once in my life. Like I said for it to happen again, would be especially hard for me. But I know not only would I be hurting myself but I'd be hurting the next guy that may come along.

Which is sad and I know it's wrong. But what's a girl to do ya know??

Even a day like today. Where there's a Midsummer Thunder Storm. As I gazed out the window looking at the dark sky and hearing the birds twitter and chirp in fear of the anticipated storm. The thunder booms lightly but hard, hard enough so you know it's coming.

And as I hear the rain comes pouring down. Sounding like a band of maracas and cymbals.

The first thought that comes I my mind as my eyes take in the Wickedness appearing outside is:

I hope hell be ok and safe today. Hope he doesn't get too wet or catch a cold. Hope and pray that he'll be fine....

And here I am catching myself thinking of a man who will never be mine, like always, time after time.

Made me think of the song I Care 4 U by Aaliyah today.

But either way. Even if it is ugly and grotesque out. The nice fresh rain smells nice—

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Hot Pop Culture!

I thought I'd post this for my Fellow Hot Topic Lovers out there!!

So check it out, enjoy it and use that HT+1 card lol

Below I listed a few of my favorites, so click the images to see what's new and what's not Guyz & Dollz!


Sailor Moon


My Little Pony


Hello Kitty




Day of the Living Dead




And don't forget to sign up for a HT+1 car if you haven't done so already!!!

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Wisdom Teeth


Whew geez

I don't know where to begin.

One I hate WISDOM TEETH!!! I hate teeth period. Like if they're so important or we need them, why do they give us so much pain???

Yea so like all creatures I've got wisdom teeth. And in the words of my mother:


Lol, My mama's like Madea.....well she is Madea and that's what I call her XD.

But yea I've been having problems with them for the longest time. But they didn't jump out there and start acting like fools until maybe I was 21 or so. My one tooth gave me hell from 2009, 2010ish and just stopped maybe at the end of 2011.

Now from what I recall they came in and I remember the dentist bitching because they weren't clean enough. How the hell you expect me to clean something at the back of my jaw?? Can't open your mouth too wide or close it too much coz the toothbrush won't fit. WTH!?

So then I'm like shouldn't they be getting removed?? And the dumb ho's like NO NO you're fine *super smile* besides you'll gain WISDOM!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? :D

Yea who said gaining wisdom was a piece of pie?? No, Not I said the Bunny ^_^

So I said fine whatever and brushed like I usually did. I rarely floss, mostly out of laziness lol. But everything was fine and they were below and/or beneath the gum line so it wasn't a problem. No problems, and if I got a pain or something I grabbed the orajel and called it a day.

Then one day them suckers jumped out like a stripper in a oversized birthday cake for a bachelor before his wedding day. Not only was I shocked as hell but damn this kinda hurts, much… so I made mention to my dad because he was smart and intelligent and he said not to worry. Alright fine if you say so gov'ner.

Then all hell broke loose when I was around 21.....yea 21. My right jaw got inflamed and swelled BAD. And I was going to school I remember and the tooth was seriously fucking with me. Thus starting a domino effect of pain and heartache. I remember the summer before last it hurt so much I just laid down and cried till it stopped.

So I decided one day


That's how we talk in our house lol it's quite entertaining actually especially for the nosey ass neighbors haha!!


I go walking and searching for dentists and orthodontist to take these abominations outta my poor mouth. Most of the private practices and entrepreneur self-own joints told me "no insurance, no cure." Or the whole
I got an appointment available Janfebjuly 34th, 3133 @ 8 o'clock Eastern NASA Time

I called up Aspen Dental and made an appointment and I decided to go. It was a nice September day in Pittsburgh, bus service had just been changed, cut and tied-the-hell-up and I was walking in an unknown location. So I fill out the form and await my turn. The lady calls my name and I head up there and follow her to the secret location in the back.

They put me in this X-ray room and ask me to remove my jewelry. So I removed my necklace thinking its possibly in the way and the nurse or dental tech is like ALL OF YOUR JEWELRY.

O_o um what does the earrings in my ears have to do with my mouth?? So that's all she kept saying and when I took out my earrings and nose ring. She says I needed to remove the bracelets and watch and silly bands I had on too—the hell is going on???

She then gets all Joker happy and says she'll "hold my jewelry for me."


This bitch CRAZY!! Tryna steal my shit on the lo-lo like manolos!!

So I say to her:

Should I take my tongue ring out too or leave that one in??


Hey-Soos Christ

Why me, Lord??

So I shove my jewelry in some compartment of my suitcase sized purse and hold on tight to my purse like its my teddy bear.

While she attempts to convince me to "watch my purse" for me and how it will be kept safe and how it'll be so much better if I PUT IT DOWN and—

We get the X-rays and they move me to another room. And I'm like I just want to know how much would cost to get the wisdoms teeth removed. So you know the whole let's clean, floss and sparkle routine and let's ask you hard questions and give you the answer and so on and so forth. So then after an hour or so them making plans I'm like whoa whoa I just wanna know a price like how much dinero I need to get these toothses REMOVED.

By then they're pissed and send me off with Malibu Ken and he says it's going to cost $2000 just for the one removal, anesthesia & extra fees included. But if I wanted them all removed I could do that or individually removed it would $500+ each tooth.

The whole time I'm like:


He's Like:

OH I am. Cash-Check-Money Order?

Then I'm Like:


I'm sorry....

And he's still like:

So then I say:

WELP BOB this has been great—

My name's Ken

—I really don't give a damn THANX BYESIES!! HAD A BLAST NO THANX THO

I've got pamphlets!

Thank you. Thank you very much

That Motherfucka was Crazy

And yea so you now know why I haven't seen no one else. I rather deal with the pain than the price.

However I ain't even gonna lie, this pain is getting pretty annoying now, so what I got to wait for the tooth to get its life together in 3 years??? Um I'm pretty sure we had time to do this.

Anyway, so in the midst of all the filling of the wisdom cavities and trying new things nothing seemed to work. Until my mom told me of this cotton ball technique. I dinnow it's something by the red cross and you dip these pellet like cotton balls in some stuff....well yea it's suppose to stop the pain.

So is clove oil. Clove oil is suppose to kill the root and nerve endings in the tooth and make life more livable.

Don't, do it. I got the clove oil also known as Eugenol—tried it, not only was it the nastiest shit I've ever had in my mouth but it's so sickening it makes you want to throw up your kidneys and liver and there's drool everywhere—OMG it's so gross and nasty BUT IT WORKED SWELL!!!

That was until yesterday afternoon.

I'm knocked out. Sleeping good. Sexy Fetal Position. Dreaming a Sweet Nightmare and the next I know I feel like someone punch the shit outta me in my jaw!!! I jolt the hell up in some serious pain. So I close my curtain a bit and roll over to my left side. Not working. Got some Tylenol and laid back down. Still no worky. So then I made a wild dash to the bathroom to preform my dental school shit. Nothing. Took from 4pm to about 9pm for the shit to stop banging dubstep in my left jaw.

But there's an upside. 1 down. Working on 2 more and then 1 more to go. If that's not awesome I dunno what is. However I still want them removed. They're like juvenile delinquents on a mission to kill and over throw the Law.

But they goin have to respect my AUTHORI-TY

$5000 for the full procedure and then another several hundred dollars for insurance


Deal with the Pain like a BAD ASS???

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Relationship Résumé

If you've been keeping up with me you know I've been talking about relationships.

And besides the whole big girl thing, the advice that I've seen on the net is not only ridiculous but funny and entertaining.

They give out all this crap and stuff on how to be the "ideal" partner and how to get the potential love interest "interested" in you. How to do "research" and make sure you get a "diversity" of "people" and how to treat the relationship scene as a "job"

Wait a minute!

Are we looking for a lover or A Job?? Coz if it's a job I want all my benefits dammit!!!

But really in all seriousness. These people talk about finding someone as a job. Yes it is a "job" so to speak but not a 9-5 and I need a fancy Resume and suit plus a degree.


Hello there!

My name is Bunny

I went to Lovelace University got a BA in Heart-breakage with a minor in Love/Hate Happiness. And I got my double MBA from Cupid Hustle University in Disco-technology and Housewifery.

I have 5 years experience in Pain and Mistressology. An additional 3 years experience in Baby Mama Drama Trickery.

My hobbies include catering to any and every man. Cooking and cleaning are my specialties. And I absolutely love coffee shops and the grocery store. Sports?? Don't mind if I do!!

I've volunteered to do any and everything especially if it includes a bar or night club and him and his baby mama!! Why yes I do love kids!!!

Throw me, kick, hit me, do whatever you like to me. I don't mind really. I'm here to do whatever you like.

If you pick me for the job, I promise not only will I NOT disappoint you but I'll make you very very happy =D.

PLEASE!! GTFOH!! Do you know how stupid that sounds???

GAWD!! That's worse than telling everybody that the Prince always gets the Princess and they ride off on a big white stallion to a castle and have 2 kids exactly. Bullshit!

Like who better yet why did anybody think or feel that finding someone is like job searching??

Honestly you shouldn't change yourself or fake it out. Be yourself and someone will like you and if not it could be something else. Depends.

But dating and relationships are not a full time job where you're getting paid. Now don't get me wrong, it is a job and it can have benefits and can be just as rewarding. But don't go in any relationship, platonic or otherwise, expecting to get the world when you can only give a morsel of a tree or a handful of sand.

What exactly do I mean??

You wouldn't tell someone you own a company and hire them. Knowing you don't have a company and can't really afford to pay them. Why?? Because no one will be happy, it'll create major problems and everyone will probably end up hurt.

So you shouldn't be someone your not. Yea you may get someone's attention but will you be happy acting like someone you're not or someone you hate just for a relationship or a false love built on a pile full of lies?? Would you marry and start a family with a stranger you didn't know?? HELL NAW—at least I hope not. Lol

But in all seriousness this epidemic is everywhere. On the Internet the dating sights are asking more questions than any employer would. And even of you bump into someone or meet by fate on Facebook you've got to go thru 20 questions just to get an "Okey Dokey"

One guy decided to hit on me. I met him through a social network. Strictly platonic place you know??

So at first not only was his first impression bad but it was lousy. He decided to talk about anime. Said he never met a girl who like anime like I did.

1. If you going to get to know someone don't use a strong like or interest of theirs. Because if you know nothing of that area or topic you will look like an ass.

What he do wrong?? He knew very little of anime and immediately changed the subject when I got in depth with it. A big no-no.

Then he wanted to know if I was bisexual or not and he wanted to know why my marital status said "in an open relationship"

2. If you've already creeped on my Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever. Don't ask me things that already has or have been answered. That's tacky and lets me know you've been creeping.

What he do wrong?? When I said yea I'm bi was there something that said I wasn't?? It is on my profile. He replied he didn't want to assume anything. Oh really?

Then he asked me personal information. Not that it was any of his business in the first place but to ask something so personal and I don't know you well.

3. Don't ask people anything that is personal or none of your business. It's rude but very offensive.

What he did wrong? Asked me where do I see myself in the next 5 years. If I was going to school. If I was working. When I told him the deal. He then decided to take it upon himself to "offer me a job" because I needed to have one.

Which takes us to

4. Never make plans for someone else. What may seem or be the best for you isn't the best for someone else.


5. Don't be cocky, or expect your ego to be stroked. You may get burnt or get your feelings hurt.

What he did.... When I said no thank you because I refused to be obligated to ANYBODY let alone a strange man I didn't know. He told me he was a blessing bestowed upon me from the heaven above.

Baby Mama Drama (or Baby Daddy Problems), Ex Issues and Kids. 3 of the most lethal combos ever put together. If you have kids bottom you will have problems looking for a relationship. Not only are the kids a turn off is the fact that their other parental may still be in the picture. So that turn off runs into feeling threatened. If you're heavily involved with your exes like everyday communication and "so-called friendly outtings" that's a deal breaker. Nobody wants to go out with the potential love interest and their baby mama & ex and kids at a family restaurant expecting free meals for ALL.

6. If you have kids, mentioning them is fine. But don't take it over board by looking for a built in babysitter and part-time lover. It don't work that way and it's not meant for single people. Instead flock to where you'd find what's best for you. Like a Park or playground or something. The single scene is not meant for you.

What he did wrong?? Mentioned his kids as much as possible. He told me when they had to eat, when they had a bad dream, and how much he LOVED his kids. I'm sorry but as the saying goes Kids are like Farts. You can tolerate your own but other peoples' kids are unbearable. Lol HELLO!

Next never judge a person or knock them down. Everybody has flaws and we all have our down points and moments.

7. Never make a big deal about a persons flaws. They know they have them. Instead try to help or give them some encouragement. But if you insist on bringing them down or jumping on their case about it don't expect a nice reaction.

What he did wrong? Ask me one night what I cooked for dinner. I said I didn't cool because I didn't know how. Maybe one day I'll learn. But for now I'm a microwave queen. He said he would always be hungry if he had to deal with me. What I said....if the going got tough you'd eat whatever's available mister, or go hungry. Then not only did he knock my non-cooking skills he decided to say in a sneaky way I wouldn't make a good housewife if I didn't get lessons. I'm sorry but that's a job I'm not interested in. Then he did this:

Never compare someone to something you know nothing about or just to spite yourself.

8. No one is created the same, no one is equal in characteristics, personality or features.

He decided to compare me to Monica Lewinsky. One I don't do oral sex on me I hate it. But to say and compare me to a woman like her. Whether it happens or not. You called me a chickenheaded HO. No, no I don't think so.

Next never assume when someone asks you questions or mentions something that your GAME is all that and you got them in your court. It's mostly to figure you out or to make sure that your as flakey as you seem to be.

9. People ask questions to gain more knowledge. Not to make you think you've got it going on and your A-Game was hella good. Or anything else that's silly. Thats how it goes. It's called communication.

What happened next?? I asked how old was his kids. He said he had 5 of them aging from 3 years to 10 years. Well you and their mother must be proud of YOUR FAMILY. What he said: Are you fishing for information?? But don't worry about her we're not together right now.

Which brings us to:

10. Never be afraid to let someone know you're not interested. Fuck that! NO MEANS EXACTLY THAT—NO. Sometimes saying not interested may say to someone that at the moment you're not interested but maybe later if you try again I might be. No one is a magic 8 ball. Say no if they don't understand, there is nothing wrong with ignoring someone. And in worse cases kids.... Be blunt and let them know.

What I said: No I wasn't fishing because I really don't care. I'm not interested. Your kids are a turn off no offense but since you already have a family with a chick whether the relationship is platonic or intimate that doesn't matter. I ain't the step-mommy type or housewife type sorry but that's how it goes for me.

What happened next?? Not only did he stop messaging me but he deleted me. Did I care?? No not really.

But if you're really interested in looking for a potential partner. Don't treat it as a job search and don't treat them as an "employee." it's wrong and degrading. There's already the everyday bull you get from society. But you don't need someone you trust and feel the closest to to treat you the same way. Just do your best and hope for the best. It's hard trust me I know. We all have issues when the world of love and relationships are involved. However try your best!!

Hell if a love sick lovelorn rejected Bunny like me can still give r a try then dammit so can you!! So don't listen to them crazies out there talking about jobs and compare finding a GF/BF like making MultiBillions worth of Dollars lol.

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Piercings & Tattoos

How many of you Guyz, Dollz & Groupiez have piercings and/or tattoos??

I have 10 piercings and 1 tattoo.

I have 4 in each ear, nose ring and my tongue ring. And my tattoo is a swan on my left wrist.

I know I only mentioned it from time to time. And never really TALKED about it.

So I decided to talk about it because people will become curious about it and need to know.

So my piercings.

Now I got the first hole in my ears when I was baby. My dad got tired of people saying OMG HE'S SO CUTE!! So he snapped and went had my ears done while I was 3 months old lol.

I remember seeing the girls back in the 90s and early 2000s with their ears done from the lobe all the way around the ear. And at first it was gross and I wasn't interested much, especially since I was tomboy and always lost my earrings. But we all change our minds from time to time.

So I ask my parents when I was tween if I can get my second hole. They told me to wait until I was 16. So I said ok. 16 came and I asked again and they said no and to wait till I'm 18. So 18 came and I asked again and they said no and told me to wait till I'm 21. 21 came and I still got a BIG PHAT NO. Now in the midst of all this one would think I woulda snuck off and done this while I was in college. Since that's what most kids do right?? Lol like I said I'm not the brightest knife bulb doohickey in the container shoebox XD

So I ended up getting my second hole when I was 22. I went on my own and by this time my dad had passed away. My mom wasn't happy but accepted it. Now I will admit that it can be addictive. And exactly 1 month later I got my 3rd hole. Mom was disgusted of course, but I was happy. I coordinated my earrings, wore gems, cute beach balls and cute little sushi earrings, etc, etc. So at some point I put in these earrings from Claire's, cute beach balls, hypoallergenic and all that.

Wouldn't my ears get infected?? Wouldn't they hurt like hell and they were gross and draining and bleeding and just plain nasty and a mess and painful as hell. I was upset!! Mom's outlook on this?? I TOLD YOU SO!! TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULDN'T JUST PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR EARS!!

So it took me a whole 2 months to get my ears happy and healthy again. And in November of 2009 went and got my cartilage done—at Claire's. Worse thing I could ever do and if I get the change to do it again I would definitely go to a professional place. Getting your cartilage done by a piercing gun not only can hurt but....

Ok the Cartilage is basically bone. It's gristle. And if you must get it pierced (or you want it pierced) go to a professional place. One that is clean and have their licenses and certificates on the wall and all that good stuff. Ask a ton of questions and make sure it's something you want.

So yea one of my cartilage piercings is crooked. And I had them both done at the same time. And not in 18, 16 or 14 gauges. It was the same as a regular ear hole, which is perfectly fine but it can hurt and is more prone to be agitated. And after about 3 months I gave them up and took them out.

Then before my 23rd birthday I went and got my nose and tongue pierced. To be honest not only was I scared to death, I went alone and I shouldn't've. Since anything could happen it's best to take a buddy with you.

So, mostly the question is WHY DID YOU DO THAT?? and then comes ARE YOU CRAZY?? So on and so forth. I shall tell you.

I got my ears done because I wanted a 2nd hole. And I thought it was interesting. And the 3rd hole was just I guess a just because thing you know?? Now the cartilage I guess was a test to see if I would be interested in an industrial piercing. I might get one just on one side though. I dunno if I can take two of them hahaha.

Nose ring, I always thought was exotic. Prior to seeing any girl or guy have one, I only seen Indians or South Easy Asians or people of certain faiths have them amongst others. I remember Janet Jackson & Madonna having them way back in the day too. So one of my friends said she always wanted one and I told her I'd considered getting one. And I guess you can say that little encouragement or influence made me want one even more. And so I got it.

But I'll be to the cartilage thing, next worse idea lol. Not only did I have problems with it getting snatched out by my hair, wash cloth, nails, glasses hell I could be using a tissue to get a boogie out and the stupid ho would come out. So one night I put in a nose bone and it was too short and I guess my nose was slightly swollen and it came out. My Mama woke me up told me, I pushed it back in. Woke me up again and I pushed it back in. Then it came out a 3rd time couldn't find it and my hole closed up. So I said fuck it and was happy and left it like that.

But little did I know!! Even though my nose ring was gone the hole was still there it just closed up or sealed up everywhere else but the outside. Left it like that for about a month. Went and got it repierced. Stupid idea I know, but in one sense I did miss it being there. Plus I hated looking at that hole to nowhere. I'll say this after I got it done again it turned out much better. It didn't hurt and wasn't snatched on as much and healed a lot better and wasn't as troublesome as it was the first time around. And I couldn't be happier. I love nose bones now lol and I love nose rings. The other thing I didn't know was people tend to get the left side done more so than the right. Why?? Well I dunno. But I notice all the nose screws are for the left. And the ones for the right side cost more and are hard to find so think about that if you're considering it lol.

The tongue ring. Dun Dun Dun nana DUUUNNN!! Hahaha

Why did I get my tongue pierced. Because I always wanted one. Bottom line. I was influenced when I was about 11 or 12 years old. The Spice Girls were the biggest thing out there and Scary Spice was my favorite so was Posh Spice ^_^. So Scary Spice also known as Melanie Brown had a tongue ring. And I thought OMG THAT HAD TO HURT when I first saw it. But yet it was so intriguing and I was hooked, reeled and MESMORIZED by it lol.

One day during the summer I'm watching VH1's video pop up show. They used to show the videos and throw up these little speech bubbles that contained trivia or something in them that would pop up during the video's duration. So one of the pop ups said:

I wonder what Scary Spice does when she's eating pizza and the hot melted cheese wraps around her tongue ring, how does she get it off??

Hell I wanna know too. So I said maybe one day I'll find out the answer to that.

When I got a little older as a tween. One of my friends had an older sister who I loved. She was just so grown up and sassy and classy and I dunno. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. She was always nice to me and I liked her well enough to consider her a role model. Even now, knowing me and her little sister who's my age have some serious bad blood between us. Anyway older sis who we shall call Lea, had a tongue ring. OMG ANOTHER PERSON I KNOW HAS ONE!! And this ones not famous!! I was so excited I asked her a bunch of questions and I guess got so determined then. I knew by time I was 15 I wanted a tongue ring. And guess what I did so.

Some things you'll want and other things you don't. We change our minds over the course of time and sometimes it's for the better and other times it's not.

Which brings us to my tattoo!! Whoo-YEA!

Now I can say I wasn't interested in tattoos as much when I was kid like I was interested in piercings. Why?? I dunno just wasn't.

I remember asking my dad about them since mostly all the NFL, NBA and other sports stars had them. And all he ever said was I shouldn't get one because I'd get ink and lead poisoning and die instantly. Yea and I was scared to death like a deer in headlights lol.

Until one day I suggested it because being my name is weird, Canadian French and unknown. There weren't any of those cute name license plates, pencils, or name plates or necklaces. They had every name but LéSans—depressing!!! I wanted to tattoo my name on my body, somewhere everybody could see. But since my dad was so particular and didn't allow it. We searched everywhere for my name on a plastic something or metal this or #2 pencil that; found nada. So one of my older cousins said that she had the same problem. But it made no sense since her name, well we'll call her Brianna. No it wasn't COMMON but I had seen it. Now Brianna's sister agreed. We'll call her Ashley.

Maybe they ain't looking in the right spots, maybe my dad is trying to punk me.

So I made mention I'd seen their names before. Their names weren't that uncommon and I saw them all the time.

"Well now you do" they said. Yup I foiled and spoiled the plan. However the so called place downtown was lgone and the Bon-Qui-Quis and Shaqondaleekas wouldn't tell me where they got their necklaces at. So my mom being the way she was made me a buncha jewelry. Even though it was spose to be the thought that counted most. I was unhappy still. And still consider to do so. But I'm glad I didn't. Ugh the creepers woulda ate me ALIVE!!

So I guess between my tween & teen years I just played with the thought and enjoyed those temporary tattoos that you wet and magically appear on your skin lol.

At some point during college while doing an artistic assignment and looking for fonts. I'm a font loving nerd!! Love Calligraphy, handwriting all of that—rocks sox!


Yea so I'm working on this assignment and find this car decals font. One of the decals was this awesome looking swan. I used it for my assignment and changed my mind and kept it to myself. So I knew then that would be an awesome tattoo. Switched it around to look like an "S" and was overjoyed. I said I would get it on my hand and show it off to the world. That was until I had to give blood from my hand and yea it was no longer a good idea. Thus it was switched to my wrist.

However I did debate on it back and forth and didn't feel as strongly about it like I did my piercings. I dunno I liked tattoos and well love them now and they're unbelievably sexy on a grown ass man—DAMN!

'Cuse me–Ahem.

I found out the more I thought about it, the more I had time to consider it. Like when you get a tattoo is not like getting a piercing that you can let close up and forget about. It's permanent and not very forgettable. The worse part some people do and will regret a tattoo. I don't regret mine and I'm happy I waited. So I wasn't a teen but it's not a huge My Little Pony on my arm called Sexy Cotton Love or something stupid like that, that I know I would regret. I would do it again. And I'm happy with my swan.

So why did I chose the swan. Very simple. And no not because I love swans lol. My name is LéSans LéRue and my mama named me after my dad's exgirlfriend from High School. Yea yea I know. So my name is Canadian French for Street Without A Name or basically Nameless Street. Not a very attractive English name is it?? Lol. So one day I'd happen to be googling my name wondering if I'm the only one in the world like Tigger and I found this organization called Street Without A Name and it was abbriviated to S.W.A.N. and I fell in love with it. I got to tattoo the name I had a Love/Hate relationship with on me to show that either way I loved it and there wasn't another Swan like me =].

Now I know that not everybody is the same. And we all do things for different reasons and for personal beliefs. But I'm quite happy with my piercings and tattoo. Yes I do plan on getting more in the future. Yes I know it causes friction I obtaining a job and different work places. And yes I also know that one day I'm going to have to have the same conversation with my kid or kids one day and have to be a stern parent irregardless. I know but I'm also satisfied. Not that I rebelled but because it was something for me, I did something FUN in my 20s I can later tell my kids about. Or tell you guys about right?? Hahaha!

So the next time you think about getting Pierced or Tatted, think long and hard about it and whether you want it or not. Getting them is like gettin an extra chapter in your past. Once you start it or get it, you can't go back to fix it or cover it up. So be positive and maker sure that what you do in the present is something you can live with for the future. And make your own decisions, don't do something you don't feel comfortable with or just to fit in with the awesome clique or because of a Shady Lover. Do it because it's for you and you have a good reasoning for doing so ok??

Trust me then it can be the most enjoyable experience ever!! Hehehehee

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I love this website.

Not only does it have stuff for moms, babies and kids but they have some other nice things like how-to books, furniture for everybody and they may even have the very thing you've been looking for!! Lol like an awesome iPod, clock, FM/AM radio LAMP!! How cool is that compadre??

So if you got kids and need something cute for them. If you'd like to get something awesome to decorate your space with, then this is a good website to check out!!

Plus once you sign up, it's free, you'll get maybe 1 or 2 emails a day about specials and stuff they have. It only last about a month or so though so if you see a deal save it or check to see if they'll have it again because sometimes they will have the same deal twice.


Be sure to check it out ok! ^_^

Anime Dork \(^o^)/


I decided a month or so ago to write down all of the anime I've watched. And when I finally did so, I realized how much of a Anime Obsessed Cookie I really am lol. But either way I love every single moment of it lol. Why?? I dunno I love cartoons and stuff but I get tired of the happy ending or mediocre melancholy problems or unhappiness that snaps back into a happy ending or happy story. Not saying its not possible, but hey let's be real, we don't live in that kinda of world now do we?? Lol

Well if any of you are interested in Anime or Manga or just wanted to know if the only thing I've seen an know and love is just Sailor Moon (and I do but you're wrong lol). Here's my list so far ^_^. If you know of any I should check out please by all means lemme know :D


(this is in no particular order ok)

Anime list lol

Fruits Basket
Kimi to Boku
Kimi ni Todoke 
Chibi Devi
Girls Bravo
Ladies vs. butlers 
Tiger & Bunny
High School DxD 
InuxBoku SS
Marmalade Boy
Shugo Chara
A Bridge to the Starry Skies
Mayo Chiki
Mawaru Penguindrum
Clannad After Story
Chihaya Furu
Usagi Drop
Peach Girl
Ouron HS Host Club
Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop! (Save Me Lollipop!)
My Bride is a Mermaid
Black Butler
Kaze no Stigma
Demon King Daimao
School Rumble
Speed Grapher
Honey & Clover
Samurai Champloo
Ano Hana
Ao No Exorcist
Princess Tutu
Lil Pri
Full metal Alchemist
Crayon Shin Chan
Junjou Romantica
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Sailor Moon 
Kamisama Kiss
The Dark Rabbit Has 7 Lives
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?
Uta no Prince-Sama
Hataraku Maō-sama
Say "I Love You"
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Zombie Desu Ka?
Infinite Stratos
Hiiro no Kakera
Date A Live
Black Lagoon
Attack on Titan
Okami-San & her seven companions
Sword Art Online
Hentai Prince & The Stony Cat
Kill La Kill 
No Game No Life
Aika R-16
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No Matter What They Say

I've decided that I'm going to start me a project-slash-experiment.

Ok so those of you that don't know me well. I am a "big girl" I call it FLUFFY. But we all have our own vices right?? Lol

Anyway so in the midst of my Road To Mommyhood, I've decided to be a single mom. However finding a guy worth while, you feel comfortable with on a intimate ONLY level with No Strings Attached—more like SEVERED. Lemme tell you it's a hard task!! It's like a high school drop trying to get Steve Jobs' JOB. It's possible—but best believe it will be hard and a difficult and feel like its damn near impossible.

So anyway. I'm googling and searching. Applying to the Internet dating sites, posting personals, connecting with new people, etc, etc. and I've found more dickheads and useless ass men than a stray can find good food in a garbage can (buffet) boo-fet. Yea.

So here's your favorite Bunny wondering well maybe there is something that's unattractive about me. Could it be my personality?? Or my super quick temper?? My being a Taurus??? What could it be?? I decide to look for advice. We all need it, even those of us that give it lol. I'm looking and I'm reading and researching. However it seems like I'm doing everything right—

Well hold the hell up what am I doing wrong then??? So I continue to read and read and read!! I spent days, nights and wee-hours reading. I guess I'm missing something, right?? I know I have a blonde moment very now and then but damn I'm not that slow!!


So one site was giving out advice saying men love women and how to get a boyfriend/lover (would you believe they deleted the post??) Your clothes are fine, your make-up looks great!! Your hair is fine, your personality is great, don't be so hard on yourself!! You're just fine the way you are and if a guy can't see that from jump street he's missing out!! (I'm paraphrasing here so bare with me)

Then I move on to another article. And maybe in a matter of 15 no more than 20 minutes. I get into reading the article—by the same person I might add—and I couldn't finish it. "Topic 2" fucked with my head:

Now the first part about looking great in bed can seem shallow, but umm… yeah, guys like that. Unless they have a fetish for BBWs [Read: Sexual fetishes].

〈Source: Lovepanky | What Men Want In Bed

Wait, um excuse me!?!

BBW?? Being "fat" is a sin enough and frowned upon. But for someone to be into you. Basically for a Big Girl to be liked, loved, or sought out sexually by ANY MAN is a fetish?? Oh hell naw, to me, you just compared me to a foot fetish or a serious role playing cosplayer fetish creep?? I'm sorry but I take offense to that. Pissed me off. But then again it made sense.

Now I'm not a 500-pounder who eats 20 burgers and a Buffet Bar meal 30 times a day. Nor am I super model anorexic. But because I weigh more than I probably should and I don't look like Shelly the Skeleton, men won't be interested in me because of that and if any guy is interested it's only for fetish purposes only. Oh yea that's real romantic.

While I'm googling this "fat fetish" crap, I notice this one article this guy wrote [Ask A Dude: Do Guys Like Bigger Girls?]. He said he rather have a girl who is "curvy" or "voluptuous" than/opposed to a skinny girl. Reason being because a skinny girl can look so "grotesque" and "malnourished" (I'm being nice here). So not only did I find the article full of crap or just crazy. Because I think in my personal opinion that Zoe Saldana is much prettier than Beyoncé. I hate Beyoncé's funky ass attitude, always did always have and the I AM ATTENTION FIERCE gets old real quick with me. Her music is ok until she starts that cats mating & sexing screams fucks my ear drums up!! Plus Zoe wore that pretty purple pom-pom dress by Givenchy to the 2010 Oscars (it's in my top list of awesome fashion ensembles lol). However, I was in awe of the FIRE STORM BATTLE because of what he said!! Like omg!! You call a girl fat and when a riot breaks out society says No No you're not fat, you're CURVY, VOLUPTUOUS, BIG & BEAUTIFUL *snap, snap* and everybody accepts it without a fight and people are ok with this. There's just acceptance and some big females take it too far and believe that dumb shit!!

But call a skinny girl anorexic, malnourished or too damn skinny and all hell breaks loose!! And some of the comments, if you read the article and wonder why it loads so damn slow, the comments are IN INFINITY AND BEYOND—

But if you didn't here's two of the comments:

Just to make bigger girls feel better?? Well you just killed everybody's confidence twiggy!! I'm 5'3" but even I think 100lbs is unhealthy..... That's the same size and possible weight of a 10year old kid!! That's not healthy!! Besides eating 2 more baby carrots than your friends isn't eating more than them.

Let's move on:

WOW!! Shaped like the earth though?? God forbid that he was trying to boost this poor girl's self esteem and then to read this it's like GAWD, IM SORRY MY FAT ROLLS OFFEND YOU....the hell??

How rude is that?? Really?? I mean are people unaware that the gym cost money?? Do they not know that some people can't afford the cutie diets or super duper organic foods?? Did you know some people have a glandular problem?? Or maybe the medication they take put weight on them?? Or he'll maybe nobody in the household knows how to cook and Mickey D's, BK & Wendy's is the best they can do?? But damn, maybe someone finds comfort in it—I can see why with all the negativity rolling around. Skinny jeans to cute tops, shoes, to even jobs—The thinner & prettier you are the more society loves you and will cater to you.

And don't you dare tell me no.


I went into the local Kmart and saw they had screened Tees. I love screened Tees. So I'm checking the racks out and all I see is:

XXS, XS, S, M, L

All of the above are priced $9.

Out of the 50+ shirts I saw, I only found about 5 each of XL & XXL. Now I wear a XL (or 1X whatever you call it). If I get a 2X it's because the boobs are too big or arm space, something ok. But that's about it. Anyway–

The XL & XXL were in between $12-15. But both were the same exact size as the Large.

No. I've brought better shirts from Rue21 and Burlingtons. What the fuck?? So I checked out blue jeans. Sizes 000-17/18 were all either $5-$10 (at the most). I got a big booty and thighs to match—oh and let's not forget my earth shaped waist {lol?}. So I go sift through the "plus sized" section. $50 for a pair of cheap ass blue jeans that not only look like a blimp but are unflattering as hell!! Look mom jeans are cooler than the ones I found—DAMN. I did find a pair for $3 but in a color I hate that's hard to match (all sales final too)—fucking plum and not a pretty plum. That death looking plum that when you piece it to other colors makes you look like a serial killing fat ass clown. Only thing that looks good with them is a black turtle neck..... Summer's coming and I don't think so. Even if it was 110 below ZERO, I am NOT NEVER EVER wearing a black turtle neck!!

While I'm still at the Kmart. I see all the cute colorful skittle jeans, and the awesome tops and all this cutie stuff for the skinny girls and I get pissed. Why?? Well for a number of reasons. If I wanted to dress like that I would have to spend $100s!! And not at a normal store, either I'd have to go online more than likely to get what I'm looking for. Even though I love to eat and love food, I'm not fat because of that. Everyone knows you gain weight in college (20-30 pounds to be exact if not more)—it's inevitable! But because of the medication I was on for my Hyperthyroidism, that made me gain weight. Let's take it back: had a eating disorder in high school due to skinny girls picking on me, lost the weight. Went from a size 22 to a 8. Then fat girls (who I thought were my friends and moral supporters) started making fun of me and I started eating ice cream. Went from a 8 to a 18, devastating I know. Now let's go back even further, I got sick in elementary. Inner ear infection, a virus, strep throat, etc all around the same time. Doctor gave me the wrong antibiotics, made me more sick than I already was and damn near killed my immune system. So he put me on steroids to get my body back into motion. Guess what—gained WEIGHT.


Then I decided to ask a couple of questions. And men if you're reading this. Be honest with a woman. Don't lie or tell her some dumb shit not unless you have to. Trust me I know!! We all got that one friend that asks,"Does this look good on me??" and you say yes only to avoid a fight knowing they look a mess and they wouldn't take it as constructive criticism or a helpful hint maybe. And who wants to deal with a crazy butt?? Yes, those are times when a lie comes in handy. But don't give a girl hell coz she's fluffy, fat or big without asking why?? But if she was skinny you'd be all over that—that is hypocritical and just rude fuck shallow (and imma get to yawl later on too).

So here I am baffled, confluzzled and ticked. Men and society say it doesn't matter if your big or fat. Men love women, and you keep being you. But only hot guys, fat guys, skinny guys, ugly guys, retarded guys, famous guys—GUYS period only date/want HOT GIRLS. Did you know Ladies that a skinnier person will make $25,000 more than a "overweight" person will. Are you aware that a size 12 is considered overweight or obese??


So in my twisted little mind, I ended up having a thought:

So if you're skinny or "curvy" guys are in love with you and will be ripping and tearing your door down. Well wait a minute. For majority of my high school life I wasn't super thin but I was a good size and weight. Guys weren't interested in me in one bit. Matter of fact they ignored the fuck outta me!!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa something is definitely wrong here!!!

There's no way that's it.

So I think and think. Now whether I was a size 22, a 8 or a 18 or whatever. I'm lucky if I actually get a guy to actually commit to taking me somewhere. Let alone hoping for a date or a boyfriend. The fuck is this??

What do I personally think of this situation?? It's genetics.

And I'm going to prove it!!

One Size DOES NOT Fit All—

The above photo was for V Magazine and The purpose was to show that no matter the size of the woman or what she looks like. Everyone can wear the same thing. Now if you hadn't realized it yet, the model in the upper and lower right hand corners is a plus size model. The photo is not airbrushed or photoshopped in anyway or form. To be a "proper" plus size model you have to be no shorter than 5'5" you must have a flat stomach, toned arms and legs (no flab or rolls), must be pretty, have long hair and be no bigger than a size 14 or 16 (at the most maybe 18). As far as I'm concerned. That's a normal skinny girl in our real world. Or as I like to call it: A Nutritious Anorexic. Click the photo to see the rest of the photo shoot.


I'm going on my diet (hence I said my diet). Lose the weight and get down to whatever I can. Prove to you it's not about beauty or shape or education. Because if that were true, there wouldn't be single people let alone divorced or widowed people either. Plus how do we explain how some fat people are hooked up and how ugly people are hooked up and how the bitchiest people are hooked up or the selfish people. You get me?? You see what I mean??

So yea that's what I'm going to do. Because if that's the case then I shall say that I'm wrong and apologize and so on and so forth. But if not and my theory proves right we shall discuss why this happens or why it is!!

In conclusion, No MATTER what anybody says, Men don't love women based on our personalities or characteristics or if our hips say we can bear 10 kids or not. Thin is beautiful and it's sad really that our society feels that way and not only accepts but does nothing to fix or correct it you know??

Tragic, really.

But just so you know, I think all women all beautiful no matter what size or shape they are. It's what's on the inside that counts the most. Coz I know big women and skinny women equally who are bitches at heart and others who are sweeter than candy. And that's coming from a bisexual woman ok!! HELLO!!

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