Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Instant | Part 1


Ok so before I begin yawl, I want yawl to listen to that awesome video above this sentence aight?!?! Or you can hit play while I talk to yawl ok

So who missedididd me?!?!?! I MISSEDIDIDID YAWL!! I had a lot goin on in my life had a few misunderstandings and whatnot but it's been cleared for the moment and it's time to move on. You can't always dwell on something and hope for the best. You gotta get it together and move on and do your best regardless if it'll be hard along the way but at least I WOULD HOPE you'd learn something from it

Anyway Happy March you guys Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irish, Scottish and everybody in between


I'mma get back on the ol wagon and give my peoples (that means you) what yawl want more of  
 and no I don't mean playboy

I'm talking about yours truly

Um, so what's new?? Hmm I dunno lol. Not much my way just looking for a job that'll give me a reasonable paycheck and won't kill me before I get my 1st pay haha

But irregardless I do have a couple of "unfinished business" and I'll get right to them

but in the mean time

BE SAFE >>Drink RESPONSIBLY<< & don't do anything that I wouldn't(!)

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