Sunday, February 14, 2010

A WTF Moment  -_-

So member I said I had a BIG POST for y'all?? Well was workin on that yesterday. And in between me workin on that an a few other things, but the guy delivering my moms mess came and I closed my comp lid and sat it on my bed & didn't go back to it. So for about an hour if not more....I been tryin to get it to TURN ON. But the $2 happy meal bitch won't, and the fuckin caps & num locks are blinking and shit and so I googled.

I find a few things an started trying a few of those quick fix-its. And still shit ain't workin -_-. So I send a messag out to HP, but by this time I'm hella pissed. Coz I only have the comp maybe 6-7 months. Now the comp before that I had it for about the same time period and the one before same thing. WTF is up wit compa breaking or fuckin up in 6months. Now if this the companys sick ass way to get money, then I'm ready to start cuttin bitches and shooting hood rats. Now what had me piss the comps are all OBSOLETE. Secondly to get them fix they wanna charge me a couple $100s to tell me what the problem. The fix-it price is $550 now, I'll be damn if imma spend money to ge some shit fix and it still fucks up or breaks sumtins wrong. For all that I could buy 11 purses for $550 -_-.

So now I'm questioning if I wanna spend the money to get an apple iMac laptop or if I wanna buy another PC.

Yea now I'm pissed I need a nap and imma lil frustrated & I kno I need a nap to calm myself down and attemto ro enjoh my nap or peace of mind.

So anywayz fuck it im tired. Imma holla

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