Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thats Love

Goodbye my love
I shall see you in the morning
When the sun rises
& kisses your sweet face
I remember the day
When I first kissed your lips
Was something like
No, it was like
An experienced unknown
To my mind, body & soul
Like an electric charge
A charged that turned me on to you
Lit up my heart
Opened up the deepest darkest corners of my mind
The way you hold me
Close &
Hands draped across my back
Sugar sweet somethings in my ear
From that moment I knew

Well that I'd always wanted to be with you
Never want nobody else to have you
Because the love you give is beyond unique
No one got it like you
Like a ring on my finger
I want to keep you forever
But even good things must come to an end
Even then
Well I guess I can't help it
With you clouding my thoughts &
Cracking my mouth up—
But I guess, I've got to wait
Either way
Because the love you give
Is a love...I wish were mine


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