Sunday, February 14, 2010

So just a kwikie before we get back to business

So like the title...yea ok so read this:

"U pr0bably have t0 m0ve dis way,things well w0rk f0r u than . ,u think s0"

Now. He tod me that shit coz i told him my computer wasnt workin & it wasnt and was having a few technical problems. But the comps fixed and like brand new, so no bitch there. But can someone tell me why is it that GUYS want us to go thru hell and high waters for them. I'm pissed becoz I wonder is he gonna do the same thing??

HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!

It's all about save ya money so you can come see me. Like it's a muthafuckin demand and I'm the servant—FUCK THAT!! I'll be damn if I'mma take your shit coz I listened to you and MOVED to this unknown place and you the only person I know......I'm sorry but I ain't fin to be noBODY's prisoner nor am I EVER GOING TO CATER TO A MAN I don't care if he my husband or not. I don't play that shit, you make THINK you a KING. But you ain't even close to be a MIDDLE CLASS PEASANT—KISS MY ASS!!!

Oh Happy Valentines Day btw.


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