Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chewing On Pearls


He knows how I like it
He know how to give it
The way he kisses my body
Like it's sumtin delish
He can't resist
As he entertains my navel
Sumtin like sex on a end table
He licks it once
The way he licks me
Wish this was his occupation
As he lays his tongue on my clit
Rubs it feel it up; plays wit it
Drivin me crazy
But the he inserts in
The hot, wet abyss
Makes me go insane
His tongue I swear
Is the same length as his dick
A definite valueable asset
He knows how to roll it around
Wiggle it up and down
Hits that g-spot just rite
Give him...what he's askin for
But I can't deny
I luv the way he orally fucks me
Cummin and Squirtin
He always says it's his favorite dessert
But only I have one problem
He got it down pat
My man's an Expert—
However when my woman
Profetish, that she is
Licks me like a tootsie pop
Keeps me
Archin my back; havin my toes curl
The way she does it
Gots me bitin the pearl—
That's strapped to my mouth.

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