Sunday, January 10, 2010

Black People Are A Hot Mess!!

Ok, so I live in the hood. The ghetto. Nuff said. But what disturbs me the most is the fact that they act like shits spose to be fucked up. Dont get me wrong I'm half-n-half *lol* but still I don't want to act the way I live if you got that. Just coz you may live in a trailer park doesn't mean you have to be white trash or just coz you rich or make a good amount of money doesn't mean you're a snob or Hugh saddity ya know??

Like for instance the lady across the street she used to be a crackhead ya know and what's funny with her she got clean; but still does the same ol same ol. A damn shame. So she says to me yesterday: Oh hey baby, I wanted to let you that I came over to shovel and salt to help y'all out a bit. Now mind you I hadn't shoveled for about 3-4 days and the snow was STILL KNEE did I miss another memo or what?? She came across the street to look for some salt but also she stole the salt from last year and the one bag outside this year. So today she's like: Oh you know what that is a good idea!! Using the broom to get rid sum of that snow yeah but you know what know what you need?? You need one of those big stiff brooms that'll work good for you. But seriously tho, instead of tellin me that mess why not come and help me out, ya know what I'm sayin?! It makes no sense to me of whatsoever!!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for *Black Power* and the *Black Movement* to a point. Coz if the crowd is movin ass-backwards I need not participate. It's not always about someone bringing him/herself down its about you. Sometimes believe it or not you CAN be your own worse enemy and be standing in the way of the better things of LIFE. Doing that, trust me, you'll only experience the bad, the shit & the U-G-L-Y!! Change, that's the big thing you can do. If you mad at what I'm writing now that means you are afraid to admit to what I'm saying. Just examine the things you do, and ask yourself what I am doing better myself or my life? Is it even making a subtle change in my life? You do that honey, youll be well on your way to something new and GREAT ^_^.

Don't be MAD

Be GLAD you was informed NICELY!!

Stay sweet!


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