Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singles Conversation

Ok yall....so peep this. I've got this issue. It seems like that since I'm SINGLE there are more than plenty of single men, bachelors, w/e you wanna call them. Men have this thing that when they're single or they've single for too long they wanna get with someone. Doesn't matter how they do it just as long as they got a girl to call their own. Which is totally fine if its gone about the right way. However, then there are men who've been single for too DAMN long and are having a MID-LIFE CRISIS as well as their BIOLOGICAL CLOCK IS TICKING.....so they try to get with whatever comes their way. However they do in such a way, whoever they find, they will STOP AT NOTHING to get that girl to be WHAT THEY WANT and how they want. Its just that simple. However what the fail to realize, maybe that woman doesn't want to be in a relationship thats so committed the point in only includes marriage and birthing children. Especially if that woman is still considered young for her age. Now my whole problem with the situation is, no I don't mind talking about it, nor do I mind CONSIDERING being a girlfriend. HOW-EVER....I will NOT change because he feels I should. And what I mean by that is. If I say no I'm not interested or no I don't think its a good idea or NO I DONT WANT TO. Then that man needs to respect that and say ok and leave it be. HOW-EVER.....because of how men think. The think that if they keep asking the question, at some point she's going to give in and say YES if not HELL YES. Now I've been going through a similar situation. I like the guy I will admit and were we are at currently in this so called relationship of ours....it's as messed up as can be. But he's forcing me in a subtle way in becoming his girlfriend but I'm not interested. I mean YES i do want to be in a relationship but because of how STUPID men and BOYS act....it pisses me off and I'm sorry I can't deal with the bitchassness. I'm sorry. However for 4 yes 4 FOUR nights in a ROW....we've (meaning me and this guy) has had this same conversation. Well actuality it started on Valentine's Day, coz since he was single he wanted attention and his ego stroked and at the moment I was in no mood I had my own problem I was dealing with.

But I told you once, twice, thrice and NOW 4 FLIPPIN TIMES. NO I don't want a relationship, besides me having my own commitment issues. I don't want to be forced into a relationship coz his clock is ticking. Nor am I going to be the lil housewife. I don't MIND being a HOMEMAKER, ok, don't get it twisted. I have a PROBLEM when a man feels thats all I'm good for, besides bearing his children and be his whore during the nights, his trophy wife-slash-accessory for outings. I'm sorry, I don't play that, and NOR will I have that. And yes I know that was a double negative, but deal with it chickens. So some of you are like OH YOU'RE BLOWING THIS OUTTA PROPORTION! and MAKING A MOUNTAIN OUTTA A MOLE HILL. No I'm not and to prove a point......I'mma let you guys read one of conversations.

Which is why the title is named as such......Singles Conversation.

btw....me and this guy. We're like Whitney and Bobby.....we know how to push each other's buttons. Our sad ass relationship is just excluding the "I LOVE YA BOBBY" crap coz we ain't goin there. Those of you involved that know what's goin on, you understand WHY i said such.

But the way I see it. If all I'm going to catch is men like him below, then I need to reel it in and take my fishing hook the HELL HOME. And stay to my damn self I'm better off and I have less bitchassness involved and then I WONT have to babysit a GROWN ASS MAN o_O

Just as a side note.....we've been talking for SOOO long that he knew me when I had long hair. Now my hair's been short for a GOOD WHILE....you do the math :)


Enjoy pretend it's Young and the Restless ^_^......

Now to my beeps, my friends, my homeys, my besties.........what I wrote in here when i mention friends don't take it personal, because with him you have to prove a point. He feels all women are all the same desparately seeking for a man. So nothing to you I still LOVE YOU ^_^ mucho besos :D. Also those of you that know me and KNOW ME WELL....know that I want actually 6 kids yes SIX kids, but you'll understand this as you read that crap at the bottom....
And just so my girls and male FRIENDS kno......he doesn't like yall at all. Especially the besties....all of em.


Me (8:17:48 PM): sorry i don't mean to ignore you just workin on homework
MR. SINGLE (8:18:17 PM): It's cool. I understand
Me (8:18:48 PM): how are you today??
MR. SINGLE (8:19:07 PM): I'm good. How you doing?
Me (8:19:18 PM): i'm alright a lil tired is all
MR. SINGLE (8:19:33 PM): yeah but that's nothing new with you though. lol
Me (8:19:39 PM): tru
MR. SINGLE (8:19:54 PM): you have alot of homework to do?
Me (8:20:00 PM): yes and no
Me (8:20:05 PM): its for my communications class
MR. SINGLE (8:20:15 PM): oh okay I see.
Me (8:20:44 PM): i have to create a newspaper article as well as create a business and promote it in my newspaper too
MR. SINGLE (8:21:09 PM): wow sounds like alot of work to do.
Me (8:21:20 PM): its a lot of creating mostly
Me (8:21:34 PM): gotta come up with names and logos and stuff
MR. SINGLE (8:21:50 PM): okay. you having any luck?
Me (8:21:55 PM): yeah
MR. SINGLE (8:22:02 PM): good.
Me (8:22:03 PM): got a few things together and others in mind
MR. SINGLE (8:22:15 PM): okay that's good to hear.
Me (8:22:29 PM): you sound like my parent or something lol
MR. SINGLE (8:22:48 PM): lol. naw just trying to be a good friend that's all.
Me (8:22:54 PM): i see
MR. SINGLE (8:23:18 PM): it sounds like you need one of those more than anything else.
Me (8:23:26 PM): not really
MR. SINGLE (8:23:31 PM): oh okay.
Me (8:23:46 PM): i've got my bestfriends no doubt but technically not really
MR. SINGLE (8:23:55 PM): okay.
Me (8:24:31 PM): you forget i'm a only child
MR. SINGLE (8:24:42 PM): yeah I did.
Me (8:25:09 PM): so it's just me and majority all about me ^_^
MR. SINGLE (8:25:23 PM): ok
Me (8:25:31 PM): yep yep
MR. SINGLE (8:26:04 PM): you have class tomorrow?
Me (8:26:09 PM): yeah at 4
MR. SINGLE (8:26:49 PM): ok. so when will I be able to give you a call?
Me (8:27:16 PM): depends on what this week brings...ben busy with hmwk and stuff lately so idk
MR. SINGLE (8:27:32 PM): ok.
Me (8:27:47 PM): why missin my voice that much??
MR. SINGLE (8:27:55 PM): lol.
MR. SINGLE (8:28:18 PM): naw. Just wanted to talk to you that's all.
Me (8:28:27 PM): i see
MR. SINGLE (8:28:42 PM): and it's the other way around.
MR. SINGLE (8:28:59 PM): you miss my voice.
Me (8:29:06 PM): not really
MR. SINGLE (8:29:16 PM): ha.
Me (8:29:19 PM): i only miss my bestie's voice ^_^
MR. SINGLE (8:29:31 PM): ok
Me (8:30:20 PM): nothing to you tho
MR. SINGLE (8:30:36 PM): ok
MR. SINGLE (8:33:17 PM): You have not been having any fun lately?
Me (8:33:33 PM): no not really
Me (8:33:50 PM): i was happy to get my tv hooked up tho but theres like no fun up her at all
MR. SINGLE (8:34:06 PM): oh.
Me (8:34:47 PM): its hillbillie hell cant expect much here in the country
MR. SINGLE (8:35:04 PM): okay I see.
Me (8:35:26 PM): but even if i wanted to go out and have fun i cant because i dont have transpertation to go
MR. SINGLE (8:35:48 PM): oh yeah I forgot you cannot drive.
Me (8:35:54 PM): yeah
Me (8:36:01 PM): you forget a lot of things i see
MR. SINGLE (8:36:09 PM): naw not alot.
Me (8:36:14 PM): uh huh
MR. SINGLE (8:36:18 PM): nope.
MR. SINGLE (8:36:38 PM): I know how pretty you still look. I remember you cut your hair down to.
Me (8:36:50 PM): uh huh
Me (8:36:59 PM): thats only 2 things
MR. SINGLE (8:37:08 PM): yeah I know.
MR. SINGLE (8:37:47 PM): I know you have a crush on a guy that you ran into in the store one day.
Me (8:38:07 PM): uh huh thats 3
MR. SINGLE (8:38:19 PM): I think you favorite color is blue.
Me (8:38:47 PM): really?? i think you should be able to tell by the font here lol
MR. SINGLE (8:39:02 PM): lol.
MR. SINGLE (8:39:03 PM): yeah.
Me (8:39:04 PM): but yes it is blue
Me (8:39:16 PM): i love it so much my toe nails are blue ^_^
MR. SINGLE (8:39:33 PM): i know you single.
Me (8:39:40 PM): ok 4
Me (8:39:48 PM): but i dont call it single tho
MR. SINGLE (8:39:59 PM): what do you call it?
Me (8:40:15 PM): free sexy and happy
Me (8:40:21 PM): and thats the truth
MR. SINGLE (8:40:32 PM): lol
MR. SINGLE (8:40:32 PM): ok
MR. SINGLE (8:40:45 PM): you dont want a man?
Me (8:40:56 PM): no not really
Me (8:41:03 PM): didn't come here with one
MR. SINGLE (8:41:16 PM): oh boy.
Me (8:41:17 PM): and i'm know i'm pretty sure i can survive w/o one
Me (8:41:23 PM): what??
MR. SINGLE (8:41:29 PM): nothing.
Me (8:41:33 PM): what??
MR. SINGLE (8:41:46 PM): nothing I was just reading what you was typing.
Me (8:42:02 PM): well whats up with the 'oh boy' and all??
MR. SINGLE (8:42:40 PM): I was just saying that when you said you did not come here with one.
Me (8:42:50 PM): thats true isn't it??
MR. SINGLE (8:43:12 PM): yeah true. but I know you dont want to be single forever.
Me (8:43:21 PM): yeah i would rather it be that way
Me (8:43:24 PM): less drama
Me (8:43:39 PM): besides i'm not like my friends who are desperate to be with someone
MR. SINGLE (8:44:01 PM): so let me get this straight.
Me (8:44:04 PM): ok
MR. SINGLE (8:44:13 PM): let's say we meet in person.
MR. SINGLE (8:44:24 PM): and I ask you to be my girl.
MR. SINGLE (8:44:34 PM): you going to turn me down?
Me (8:44:39 PM): probably
MR. SINGLE (8:44:50 PM): ok.
Me (8:45:16 PM): relationships dont work for me
Me (8:45:24 PM): besides i have commitment issues
MR. SINGLE (8:45:42 PM): oh.
Me (8:45:59 PM): you say it like youre surprised
MR. SINGLE (8:46:42 PM): no i'm not surprised. trust me it's going to come a time where you want to be with someone. it may not be now.
Me (8:47:01 PM): and i seriously doubt that
MR. SINGLE (8:47:41 PM): why?
MR. SINGLE (8:48:17 PM): I thought you want to have a least one child and get married one day.
Me (8:48:40 PM): becoz....one after dealin with the losers i've dealt with have worked my nerves and 2 i still seriously doubt that there are any good men out there
Me (8:48:51 PM): yeah but every lil girl wants that
MR. SINGLE (8:49:09 PM): hey i'm a good man.
Me (8:49:11 PM): but even now thingsve change and i dont want[s] (kids) and i definitely dont wanna get married
Me (8:49:18 PM): yeah says you
Me (8:49:26 PM): just like me sayin i'm a good woman right??
MR. SINGLE (8:49:25 PM): I am.
Me (8:49:32 PM): same difference
MR. SINGLE (8:50:03 PM): you just mad cause on how you was treated in your last relationships.
MR. SINGLE (8:50:18 PM): but you cannot give up.
Me (8:50:18 PM): not really
MR. SINGLE (8:50:25 PM): okay.
Me (8:50:29 PM): i actually feel better after that relationship
Me (8:50:42 PM): but its not giving up its about going after whats for the better
MR. SINGLE (8:51:04 PM): okay
Me (8:51:51 PM): i see it as it's better for me to be by myself than have to question if the relationship is in a good place or if that person really cares about me that he wants to stick with me and work it out
MR. SINGLE (8:53:04 PM): well you know all relationships is like that.
Me (8:53:18 PM): yeah i do and i dont have time for that
MR. SINGLE (8:53:25 PM): it all has it's ups and downs.
Me (8:53:44 PM): true thats to be expected but all lot of that can be avoided
Me (8:54:04 PM): if you dont love someone just let them kno instead of stringing the relationship along to the point of nothing
MR. SINGLE (8:54:20 PM): true.
Me (8:54:46 PM): i would rather be told that he doesn't love me than to be find out later on while he's gone off and done other stuff
MR. SINGLE (8:55:23 PM): ok.
MR. SINGLE (8:55:48 PM): even with your friends you going have that same problem.
Me (8:55:58 PM): well friends are a different story
MR. SINGLE (8:56:13 PM): is it really.
Me (8:56:21 PM): see i wanna know a head of time if you're gonna give me the time of day and if not then i just push you to the curb
Me (8:56:24 PM): yes really
Me (8:56:45 PM): see friends are ppl you take time out and go thru different situations
Me (8:57:01 PM): there for you when you need them and vice versa
MR. SINGLE (8:57:27 PM): but that's just the same as you have a good companion.
Me (8:57:32 PM): but relationships you invest time love and money to make it work to have something you hope to hold onto for a long time
Me (8:58:02 PM): no a good companion is a nice way of saying significant other or your shack up partner
MR. SINGLE (8:58:40 PM): okay. I see you really rather be alone.
Me (8:58:49 PM): definitely
Me (8:58:54 PM): less drama and issues
Me (8:59:18 PM): besides i don't have time or patience to baby some grown man nor stroke his ego so he can be happy while feeding me the bs
MR. SINGLE (9:00:25 PM): but all men are not bad. that's what i'm trying to get you to see here.
Me (9:00:49 PM): yes i kno that but thats neither here nor there
Me (9:00:54 PM): the point is where are they
MR. SINGLE (9:01:12 PM): right here I'm one.
Me (9:01:18 PM): hey all the good men are either taken, famous and outta reach or gayly married to each other
Me (9:01:27 PM): and what's your point
MR. SINGLE (9:01:57 PM): i'm single. looking for someone.
Me (9:02:39 PM): one coz you want to settle down and two i'm single but i'm not lookin for someone
MR. SINGLE (9:03:17 PM): okay you really making this harder than what it suppose to be.
Me (9:03:23 PM): no i'm not
Me (9:03:29 PM): you're looking and wanting something that i'm not
Me (9:03:51 PM): if i really wanted to be with someone and be married with children i would've done it by now
MR. SINGLE (9:04:34 PM): okay. you got your point across.
MR. SINGLE (9:05:06 PM): I know you dont want to grow old and be single of ever.
Me (9:05:17 PM): i would rather it be that way
Me (9:05:41 PM): i would love to be in a relationship but i just cannot deal with the unnecessary issues it brings
Me (9:06:09 PM): i shouldnt have to question if he wants to be with me or not.....he either does or doesn't and if he doesn't then we cant be together
MR. SINGLE (9:06:13 PM): that's why you work through them and not against them.
Me (9:06:28 PM): no i couldnt work with something like that
Me (9:07:00 PM): its like going to school if you don't like then you go to a new one....you dont work through it with hopes of it getting better and it doesnt and you know you're not happy
MR. SINGLE (9:07:02 PM): but that what makes a relationship stronger. yall work it out together.
Me (9:07:21 PM): yeah thats how its suppose to go, but it never doesnt
MR. SINGLE (9:07:40 PM): trust me it will.
Me (9:07:49 PM): no it doesnt
MR. SINGLE (9:07:58 PM): yes it does.
MR. SINGLE (9:08:15 PM): nothing in this life is easy.
Me (9:08:18 PM): no it doesnt....coz if it did then everyone would be clones and this would be brave new world
MR. SINGLE (9:08:28 PM): lol
Me (9:08:35 PM): i know that, but when it comes to happiness don't you think it should be??
MR. SINGLE (9:09:31 PM): yeah but that's why you have trial and tribulations
Me (9:10:06 PM): yeah and people also realize after hitting a brick wall for so long its apparent that you're not going to get thru
Me (9:10:08 PM): right??
MR. SINGLE (9:10:24 PM): right.
Me (9:11:03 PM): so why keep running into it??
MR. SINGLE (9:11:15 PM): well i've been single for too long. I would like to give another shot at being in a relationship.
Me (9:11:25 PM): then why don't you??
MR. SINGLE (9:11:29 PM): cause it's in our nature.
MR. SINGLE (9:11:34 PM): i'm trying to.
Me (9:12:01 PM): maybe in your nature but not mine
MR. SINGLE (9:12:14 PM): ok
Me (9:12:15 PM): maybe your not tryin hard enuff
MR. SINGLE (9:12:34 PM): well at least i'm trying.
Me (9:12:48 PM): but if its something you really want then why not try harder for it??
MR. SINGLE (9:14:18 PM): trust me i am.
Me (9:14:22 PM): ok
Me (9:14:27 PM): if you say so
MR. SINGLE (9:16:07 PM): i know so.
Me (9:16:08 PM): well like you tryin to get with someone i'm trying to stay away.....and just like yours its not working out but something things come that way right??
MR. SINGLE (9:16:52 PM): right. but i dont give up on it.
Me (9:17:14 PM): yeah and i'm not givin up on not wanting to be with someone
MR. SINGLE (9:17:38 PM): ok
Me (9:17:53 PM): no matter how hard you try you wont be able to change my mind
MR. SINGLE (9:18:39 PM): that's because i'm talking to you through the computer. but if we meet in person I think I can change your mind.
Me (9:19:02 PM): yeah rite
Me (9:19:11 PM): a guy just told me that and we were talking in person
MR. SINGLE (9:19:35 PM): lol. How do you know. Ok that's him but not me.
MR. SINGLE (9:19:48 PM): we two differnt men.
Me (9:19:58 PM): and i'm saying that talkin in person isn't going to change anything
Me (9:20:05 PM): and i'm fully aware of that
MR. SINGLE (9:20:45 PM): You know what you already there and you just dont relize it.
Me (9:20:58 PM): i'm already where??
MR. SINGLE (9:21:35 PM): to that point where you going to give in.
Me (9:21:41 PM): yeah right
MR. SINGLE (9:21:48 PM): you are.
Me (9:21:53 PM): how so??
MR. SINGLE (9:22:09 PM): your first step. communication.
MR. SINGLE (9:22:22 PM): me and you do that very well.
MR. SINGLE (9:22:30 PM): think about it.
Me (9:22:44 PM): yeah thats coz we've been talking for a good while
MR. SINGLE (9:23:07 PM): yeah and that's how it should be. when you getting to know a person right?
Me (9:23:44 PM): depends
Me (9:23:57 PM): you could always ask them up front what you need to know then go from there
MR. SINGLE (9:24:20 PM): but sometime you will have to put some work into it.
Me (9:24:54 PM): yes and i'm fully and willing to do that but i like for to be a group project and not one-minded or onesided
MR. SINGLE (9:25:18 PM): and I feel you on that.
MR. SINGLE (9:25:40 PM): and that's how it should be.
Me (9:25:45 PM): exactly
MR. SINGLE (9:27:52 PM): see we both agreed on something.
Me (9:28:00 PM): ok
MR. SINGLE (9:29:46 PM): see we understand how a relationship suppose to work.
Me (9:30:29 PM): yes but it takes more than that right??
MR. SINGLE (9:31:25 PM): yeah. and a lil faith. anything possible.
Me (9:31:40 PM): tru but it takes a special kind of person
MR. SINGLE (9:32:03 PM): yeah. it does.
Me (9:32:53 PM): but also takes commitment in everything
Me (9:33:05 PM): not just the relationship as a whole
Me (9:33:19 PM): but the commitment to say i'm going to make this work, no matter what
MR. SINGLE (9:33:50 PM): yeap
Me (9:33:56 PM): i'm sure you've been the situation when you were with someone and something wasn't working between you two and you thought about being with someone else
MR. SINGLE (9:34:31 PM): yes i have.
Me (9:34:52 PM): so you cant say its flawless when its not
MR. SINGLE (9:35:21 PM): all I can say that chapter is done. and it's time to start a new one.
Me (9:35:40 PM): well for you
MR. SINGLE (9:35:49 PM): yeah.
Me (9:36:09 PM): mines is a never ending story and i've decided to stop fighting it and to go with the flow
Me (9:36:27 PM): but i refuse to abandon all of my beliefs just becoz i did with one
MR. SINGLE (9:36:40 PM): ok
MR. SINGLE (9:38:19 PM): well sauni I'm about to go. I got to get ready for work tomorrow. It was nice talking to you tonight. I hope I get to talk to you again soon.
Me (9:38:24 PM): ok
Me (9:38:33 PM): maybe if i'm not so busy
MR. SINGLE (9:39:01 PM): You be safe. and good luck on your project.
Me (9:39:16 PM): i'm always safe and ty
MR. SINGLE (9:39:28 PM): you welcome. goodnight.
Me (9:39:48 PM): nitey nite


Now I kno a few of you were probably like.....wow she's mean as hell O_O. Technically if you know me, no I'm not. I just can't deal with stupidness. And I will not deal with it. He works my nerves and he's a PAIN in the ASS!! He makes me wanna bust the windows out his JEEP -_-. Now....if you didn't get pissed after reading that, then i don't know WTF is wrong with you! But now imagine for 4 nights STRAIGHT ina ROW....this is what we talked about. NOW do I wanna WASTE the minutes ON MY FONE to have a stupid argument about how I need to settle down. Uh! I am damn near 22 years old.......when i wanted to settle down NO ONE was interested so THEREFORE.....i push that thought out of MY MIND. But now when men wanna come along....all they want is for me to be the lil housewife slash whore. And I REFUSE i'm sorry. I will NOT cater to a man, he gotta show me that he's worth something that he's material before I do that, ya digg??? But yeah yall, but now you can say well at least she's a Nice Bitch ^_^ lol


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