Friday, February 27, 2009



Walking into a dark club

It’s pack and full

Me and my grils ready to pop some bubb

Men for the eyeful

We make our way to the bar

Grab our drinks and find a places to sit

The good men shouldn’t be too far

But there are some fine looking fellas I must admit

After chillin for a few

Me and my girls make our way to the dance floor

We all lookin for a man to grind onto

Gots to be some men out there wantin to score

Then I happen to turn around

There he stood six-foot-tall

He had me spellbound

Had me wishing he would throw me a catcall

Then it seemed like everyone around us started to disappear

He had a gorgeous roan complexion

It was very clear

This man was fine; to satisfaction

Studded glistening in his ear

Dressed to impress

He had that good gear

The makings of true success

The more he walk closer to me

The faster and harder my heart would beat

I had to ask myself, what the hell is wrong with me?

Everything about him, from the way moved to the way he smiled; all was discreet

He was only inches away barely

All I could hear in my ears was the sound of my heart beat

Even through his clothes I could tell he had a beautiful body

He was fillin me up with heat

He rubbed his hand up and down my arm

Almost had me wantin to faint

A smile like diamonds, only just to perfect his charm

I had to hold my constraint

He whispered in my ear

Voice that was smooth as silk

I gotta gain my composure before I mishear

I knew he was of my ilk

He asked me my name

Hearing him say was the most beautiful thing

I hope he was feelin the same

He’s got me cravin

We danced together

Had a few drinks together

I played with the thought of him being the one

He was hot like fire

He had me goin crazy

When stepped all up in my space

I wanted him badly

Makin my headrace

Eventually we found a lil dark corner to call our own

No one there…just us

He let it be known

How much he wanted me too; with his suaveness

We started feeling each other up

But it wasn’t until he kissed that I knew he had to be the one

We wanted to do more than just hookup

We were moving so fast, we didn’t even know what was happenin

I had to ease him off me

Coz I needed to know one thing

One too many men are attracted to me

I need to know where he stands; coz there aint no use in continuing

He looked at me with his gorgeous brown sugar eyes

I’m sorry, baby, but I need to know…why do you wanna be with me?

He looked at me and said it’s not your body, cute face or your beauty…

He said there’s something about your mysteriousity…


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