Sunday, February 22, 2009



After a long, hard day

At work, you wanna relax

Cut loose and do what you wanna do

You walk in your front door

While loosening up that tie

Throw your suite jacket on the sofa

And you head straight for the bedroom

You change outta those dress clothes

Jump in the shower

Enjoyin the way the hot water runs down

Then you start thinkin of me

You open your eyes

Turn off the shower and get out

You put on a wifebeater

And a pair of sweats

Yes, you gotta be comfortable tonite for sure

Before you leave the bedroom, you go to the nite stand

You open the drawer

And there you find a small ripped piece of paper

It’s got my name and number on it

You hold it in your hand

And think about the last time

You make your way to the living room

Grab the fone

And get comfortable

You hold the fone in your hand

While thoughts of me run in and outta your mind

You punch in the digits

With anticipation roaring in your stomach

You just cant wait to hear my voice

You know exactly what you want

And tell me all of your needs

As I hear my fone ringing

I know it’s you

It’s 7:30

Right on time

As usual

As I answer the fone

Before I can say anything

You say, “Baby I need you”

I can tell

You can’t mask that heavy panting

Sayin, “I just can’t get you outta my head, girl

“You rock my world…”

Well that’s my job

Then you ask, “What are you wearing? What are the color of your draws?”

For right now, all I’ve got on is a robe

I already know we’ll be talking for a lil over an hour

That’s your style

And I love how you play

Getting me hot and wet

I’m better than Juicy Couture

While I get you all hot and bothered

Making you wantin me more

But first you gotta let me do my job

Can’t be getting trouble

Nor do I wanna lose you

Coz you’re my best customer

So how bout it?

You give me a sigh and then a laugh

And say, “Ok, do your job baby”

Puttin a smile on my face, I say


Sincere Love at your service

What kinda pleasure can I bring you to tonite?


(Written by Sincere Love)


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