I'm just a clueless 1987 Bunny who knows a few things about some things the whole while knowing nothing lol.

Born in Pittsburgh raised in Wilkinsburg, PA with my family. Im the only child and the baby of the family on both sides. Im a hardcore Taurus and loves the color blue. I love jewelry purses and shoesin that order. Of course Im stubborn and rebellious at times but in the end I keep it real and do what I gotta do. And if people dont like it I say turn ya head the other way coz I ain't changing me! 3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 luv Read More»»  

To ask me anything you like, mention an idea, or suggest a topic (or even tell me when the website has gone wacky)visit the Ask Bunny page.  

I'm the Lyrical Princess, Fantabolous One, Uniquelyfferent, One In A Million/Always & Forever, That Light for others, Sapphire, Lovely, Beautiful, The Wonderfuliciousness, A Poette Goddess, That Black Rose, Miscellaneous Fool, Antidisestablishmentarianism
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