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Who is Bunny??

I know the small "About Me" section at the bottom of the page doesn't give a WHOLE LOT, so here it is ^_^...

Well I'm just your average every day kinda girl. I'm into the whole goth & emo scene, been that way since I was about 3 or 4 years old. I love unique & abstract things, especially ones that SPIKE my curiosity. Curiosity may have KILLED the CAT, but we still got 8 more lives to play with (I always say lol). I'm down to earth and say what's on my mind regardless if it'll affect someone's feelings or not. Sad & mean, but true. We can't always have what we want, right?? I love to read & write >>total geek<< yep yep!! Especially writing, one of my faves I'm always writing something DOWN or grabbing a pen to tattoo my hands & arms lol. Hmm....what else??

I think this might help out a bit lol...

Name: LeSans Ramsey
DOB: May 20
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pa
Current location: still Pittsburgh
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color: Multi lol
Height: 5'3
Heritage: Japtalian (AKA Mut ^_^)
Piercings: 6 in each ear, nose & tongue (I still want more tho lol)
Tattoos: Yes two, a Swan on my left wrist and a Queen of Hearts on my left ring finger

Band/Singer: um...I guess Aaliyah & Marvin Gaye but I love just about everything
Song: One In A Million-Aaliyah
Genre of Music: all *lol*
Color(s): BLUE! ^_^
TV show(s): Family Guy, Friends, The Simpsons, Will & Grace, Sailor Moon *of course*, classic cartoons, a buncha animes and many, many more
Movie(s): too many to NAME lol I'mma Disney freak also lol
Food: Pizza & HOT WINGS ^_^
Store: Wally World (wal*mart for the rest of you), rue21, BodySparkle, Amazon (luv luv luv it)
#: 6 ^_^
Drink: mostly juice, teas or water now lol
Clothing Brand: Whatever Fits that I make LOOK GOOD ;D
Shoe Brand: I like chucks.....& any kind of cutie flats (ballerina flats) & sadals/flip flops
Animal: Tiger, Bettas (japanese fighting fish) & anything else thats CUTE
Pizza topping: Supreme *hold them black olives tho* 
Season: Winter... allergies aren't actin up & all that green crap is DEAD
Month: MAY *dida-duh* lol
Holiday: My birthday lmao
Flower: White Roses, Stargazers & Asian Orchids

This or That:
Sunny or rainy: lil of both
Chocolate or vanilla: Coco
Fruit or veggie: lil of both
Night or day: NIGHT
Sour or sweet: BOTH most definitely
Love or money: What about for the love of money?? lol
Phone or in person: Phone
Poor & happy or rich & miserable: Dealt with both, so being Rich & Miserable seems a lot better being broke ain't no joke :(
Looks or personality: lil of both but I rather have personality—still depends upon the person though.
Coffee or tea: BOTH
Hot or cold: ehh…lil of both

Goal for this year: Right now my current goal is to continue to build myself up financially and work on being more stable than I was yesterday. Also work on my current relationship which I hope will last for awhile :)
Most missed memory: My Parents
Best physical feature: My Cutie Patoot-ness ^_^
First thought waking up: DAMN I JUST LAID DOWN!!!

Do you wanna get married: NEVER
Do you wanna have kids: Naaahhhh. I'm cool 
If so, how many: no times nope divided by oh hell to the no
Do you wanna go to college: Hell NO, that chapter has been CLOSED lol XD
What do you want to be: Happy 

Do You:
Dance in the rain: No I run in it(?) not unless someone rained on my parade lol
Smoke: Yeah I do..... if I didn't I'd be in jail for shanking people.
Drink: Only on days ending in "Y"
Shower daily: YES SIR ^_^
Like thunderstorms: If it means I get to stay inside then YES =D
Curse: You bet your SWEET ASS
Sing: Yea ^_^
 Play an instrument: I used to lol does an iPhone count??
Think you are good looking: Good looking??? DAH-LING I'M GORGEOUS!! *lol*
Get along with your parents: ehh sometimes.....my parents were old ppl so yeah
young & old is like vinegar &water

Other Questions:
Can you whistle: YES MA'AM
Right or left handed: lil of both I'm right handed but do things LEFT HANDEDLY lol
Your bedtime: whenever I lay it down
Biggest fear: Not finding out what I was really was made of and showing the world what I could really do.
Things you can't live without: iPhone, my damned pets & money lol
Color of your room: let's just say it's the color of a booger and I'm not pleased by it....
Siblings: No real ones... but quite a few good friends who I consider my brothers and sisters.
Middle name: LeRue
Pets: I got two cats Hawthorn (6yrs old) & Royce (2yrs old) 
Nicknames: you can always call me Bunny ;D


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