Thursday, June 7, 2018

Reason 4: Crying Helps


I used to think that you had to be strong for all things in life. People take the benefit of the doubt of crying as a child because it’s a form of expression then. But as you get older they say to stop crying or stop your whining, you need to grow up or toughen up. But why exactly? Probably the reason why so many people have mental issues because society regulates when and how they can be emotional so to speak.


Unfortunately I was a product of it to. Crying was always bad. I’m a crybaby. I can recall spending a many of days in my room crying or sobbing softly to myself because I didn’t want to be scolded or ridiculed by my parents, family or friends for being weak. They made me feel that was my most vulnerable state and my world would fall utterly apart if anyone saw me or heard me shed a tear too many. To a point it did help. It toughen me up where it’s rare if I do cry. Then I came across a saying that state crying helps cleanse the soul. Which I do agree. But I think it does more than that. It relieves the frustration that was building up, that break down helps make things clearer, it brings that raw emotion that is by far the most fascinating that we don’t see every day. We see sadness or forced sadness but never someone crying. Babies cry at everything…but you’ll never see an adult doing the same.


When my dad passed, I cried a lot. When my mom passed, I cried here and there but it was so emotionless. To the point it bothered people that I was walking around sobbing. HUH? What do you mean?? What the hell? Then it dawned on me well people want to see you cry to take pity on you and it gives them an emotional boost. I remembered it from when my dad passed everyone was so sorrowful and wanted to be helpful. But when the help was really needed or wanted; they had more excuses than a man caught cheating on wife. It was sickening to me. But I refused to be in the same situation crying for comfort and people aren’t doing it for my best interest or out of love but to feel inferior to me. So I refused to cry. I didn’t want to be perceived as weak or vulnerable. 


It bothered people. A lot. 



But then shortly after my mother passing, and things weren’t going right and people were treating me like crap and the realization of being just ME on my own forever. It tore me apart. I wanted to cry but I knew that I shouldn’t because I didn’t want to be weak. But I learned that I can hide how I truly feel. Whether I’m being honest with other people or not. I need to be true to myself. I learned I started to feel a whole lot better when I did cry, even if I was in so much pain. People are going to judge and say I’m weak because I haven’t experience child birth or had my first love break my heart… there is not measurement in how broken you can feel.  There isn’t a determination of worthiness when you need to breakdown and cry. Shit happens, although crying doesn’t alleviate the issue, it takes off some of the frustration and cloudiness.


Now I find that the slightest thing sends me over the edge. I watched a kid movie a while ago and I started sobbing uncontrollably like a baby. I got teary eyed driving to work today thinking about the bad day I had yesterday, even though I cried about it yesterday after work. It’s sad as hell but I like it. I feel like I’m back on the right path. I feel emotionally better, it still needs work but I feel like the burden has been lifted some. I feel like I’m on a new journey of rediscovering who I am and who I was.


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