Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kwanzaa | Ujima | Collective Work & Responsibility


What I Love most about Ujima is that last phrase....

“Make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and to solve them together.”

It means so much. Yet people disregard it everyday. I was always a firm believer and my parents enforced it that if someone had a problem and you care about that person it’s your problem to and to help them fix it. No matter the issue or how difficult it may seem—YOU HELP. Because you never know when someone else is going to help you. Which is true. However. Sometimes people take advantage of that help. And make it so where only their problem matters and yours don’t. No, no. If I can acknowledge and accept your problems you can do the same for mine. What I found out for this year. While I was willing to acknowledge and accept everyone else’s problems. No one was willing to do the same for me. They felt we’ll figure it out. Or unfortunately in my case I let them make it worst. And that’s not good at all. Moving forward, I plan to still do the same however only when it’s understood I have problems too. I might come off as too independent. And I’m ok with that! But my problems matter too! And if that person can’t even throw me a nod in understanding well I’m going to treat you how you treat me. 

With all that being said. Don’t let someone treat you like your problems are insolvable or not important enough or doesn’t stack up to theirs. That’s bullshit. Two, that’s ignorance and selfishness wrapped up in a terrible character. They need to get them a life if they think the world has to cater to them. No the hell it doesn’t buttercup. You matter too and never forget that. 


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