Friday, December 29, 2017

Kwanzaa | Ujamaa | Cooperative Economics


I still believe in supporting black own businesses. Every so often I run across one who feels like I HAVE TO SUPPORT. Um no I don’t. I do it if I want. But you’re not going to force me to support you. But it’s rare case though. 

I just wish we had more backbone to support each other. Not even with business though. With everything. Friend gets a job good job I’m proud of you! Engagement or Marriage—congratulations you guys! New job, new baby, new car—hell even a new cup! GREAT, BEAUTIFUL! However I hated it when people are mad you don’t support them after they’ve force fed you their “moment.” 

I had plenty of friends have babies or get engaged/married this year. And continuously everyday they’re forcing it down their throat. And telling you how you could’ve been successful like them. No no honey. No one wants your man or his 6 other kids. No one wants to be the baby mama who got lucky. Sorry no. I never like boasting my success because I don’t want someone else feeling bad or doubting themselves. I don’t want that other person feeling like they’re in a race or they’ve got to catch up with me. Or be on my level. While everyone around me that’s my age became parents and husbands/wives by 25 or so. I became a homeowner, while also becoming an orphan in the process. So we all have different walks of life. Different paths. Whichever accomplishment we reach doesn’t mean there’s an expiration date on it. Or that we need to get there before anyone else. 

We should inspire each other and build one another up. Congratulate on the little accomplishments too! They matter and can sometimes mean the world to a person. Some of us are still trying to figure life out and may need that extra little bit of encouragement. That support can bring a lot of people out of the darkness and that means more than trying to keep up with the Jones’ 


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