Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kwanzaa | Kuumba | Creativity


Creativity should be in everything we do. Not just community and businesses. I found myself where my relationships with people intimate or platonic was getting dull. And some even reach the point where what we used to do that was fun was old. When I was ready to try something new or add something else to our relationship, it was always a no. It wasn’t fun to them or it took them outside of their comfort zone and they didn’t like it. It was like if I wasn’t liking what they liked or doing what they wanted to do (even it being the same old thing) I was boring or acting brand new. That never was the case. I was trying to keep our friendship and add something to bring us closer. Not continue to add to the distance and stagnation that was happening. 

However some people aren’t going to have that kind of creativity. That’s the best they can do and sometimes we got to learn to accept that. Like my ex feels fun is going to the bar and having a stellar time with the bar veterans and eating bar food. While I don’t think it is. He feels I’m boring. I’m even boring when I don’t want to watch football. I’m especially wrong when I won’t do, think and act like he wants me to. However if I want to try something new he never wanted to. So we’re stuck in a stagnation. I feel it’s time to let it go and move on. He feels we should be together. Unfortunate as it is, this happens a lot. Friendships too. I think we as people need to be more open minded and explore new things. Come out of comfort zone and create memories. Enjoy the creative atmosphere around us and be able to marvel at the ways it’s added to our changes. Hopefully for the better. 


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