Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Condom Week 2017!!

Hey kids!!

I hope you guys and dolls had a good Valentine's! I do believe this is the first one that I actually enjoyed. Though I was single and alone. I enjoyed my outing and the people I met this evening. My heart shaped pizza, cookie cake and Trolls movie! I had a blast. Even brought my two crazy kitten-cats some new toys and a house. So we had fun. 

Though I would rather have gotten flowers, candies and my boot rubbed on my undercover lover—eh what you gonna do right??? 

Anyways I came across some spectacular awesomeness one day. Whisper. How many of us know what that is? Ok so it's basically an app that lets you post something honest, funny or whatever to everyone anonymously. At first I thought it was a bit much. But over the years I've grown fond of it. I love seeing what other secrets or tidbits people have. On a weird side of the token it's enlightening actually. 

So this year for condom week. Besides all my regular shenanigans, I'mma post a few whispers that I came across that I absolutely love! And I hope you like them too! 

Like always! 

Practice safe sex while having fun!



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