Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why Some Women Are Single

I know I should tending to my chores. But I need a moment here and get this out lol. 

So you see this??? 


So I don't disagree with it. But I think men of today have to earn that "catered love." A lot of men demand to be respected like a king thinking that if I treat my woman like a servant she's still going to respect me because I'm Da King. No. If you can't muster up enough respect just to view her on equal eye level she's not obligated to respect your ass. Anyway how I feel is neither here nor there. 

A guy posts on Facebook well if she didn't think she was owed something for giving up pussy there wouldn't be a problem. Then went on to say how special his dick is too—Um, yeah. 

Women didn't start disrespecting themselves out of the blue. Someone was validating it. Someone egged them on. Some man or some men was throwing hands in the air and smiling ear to ear. So monkey see monkey do. Other women started doing the same thing and now it's a twerk competition to get all the likes and attention and validation of very poor and misguided respect.  But the more woman did this the more they lost sight on how to be treated and respected like a lady. Men lost their gentlemanliness. And now it's a big old mess. We're the generation who wants that old school kind of love but we've evolved so much we have too much pride and stupidity to go back to that. Yeah you can find it and it takes awhile and you got to trench through loads of bullshit. But in most cases it takes special people to make it work. 

Men are the reason women are single. Besides nice guys who take a back seat and are afraid to express their feelings because rejection hurts (yeah it hurts but not as bad a paper cut and hand sanitizer). We got guys thinking that if you don't let them violate your body with selfish sex and suck their dick you're not good enough and never will be. So what am I getting if I do these things for you?? He looks at you like you just spoke Japanese French in a Roman accent to him. Apparently you're not suppose to want anything in return. 

Well hold the hell up. If I gotta feed you, sex you and suck your dick and all this extra shit and we're not a couple or not even close to it. You consider us friends with benefits or some other dumb shit. Why exactly am I treating you like my husband?? I'm suppose to do that for my husband. Not for some John who doesn't even care enough to remember my name. 

No that's not how it works. Now if you treat me good and it works then no I don't mind cooking, rubbing your back or maybe even sucking your dick. But respect comes first. If we can't respect each other on a mutual level and give to each other then why do we need to have emotionless sex?? Just so you can be happy because you denially think the world revolves around you?? 

A lot of men feel this way. They get mad that the little whore shaking her ass is not fully focus on him because she wants everyone's attention and not just his alone. But then they also don't want to mess with a woman who has her shit together because she too difficult and he doesn't want to step his game up. No the little twerking ho is not going to be that 1960s Housewife. The woman that is housewifey material isn't going to put up with your shit either. If she does it won't be too long unless she's desperate. 

My ex thought that if he came over and broke me off a little bit of dick that it was ok to ignore me and treat me like a peasant. You might be king material homie. But you lack the regality of being king. After about a year of his back and forth and our on and off relationship he got replaced. He didn't like it and was mad. But seriously you can be single and do what you want but I have to wait on the back burner for you. It was wrong and he made me miserable. There I was the entire time respecting him and telling men who approach me no I'm taken and trying to be a good girlfriend to him. He never really gave me a chance and took me for granted. He didn't want me but he also didn't want someone else to have me either. He basically acted like I was his worst enemy and even treated me like I didn't have a choice. UGH AS IF!

However my new guy. Treats me very well. I can be myself with him. I feel he makes me a better person and goes out his way to make sure I'm happy.  He treats me with respect and always have since I met him. I love him to pieces for it too. And because he makes me happy I'll do whatever I can to make him happy too. 

It's sad a lot of men let their ego run shit. You're so busy getting props from your boneheaded friends. And trying to the ultimate man by sleeping with as many women as you can. That you're trying to feel an insatiable void. It's like trying to plug up a drain with pencil erasers. In due time it might happen but also it could never happen. 

Stop being difficult. No you're not going to get what you want. And trust me you don't want it. My ex was exactly what I wanted and I was very unhappy. We all come with baggage. But with the right person they'll help unpack and sort it and help you carry it. A woman is suppose to be a man's best friend, top supporter and unconditional lover. Some women can be taught how to be that if you show her how much you care for her. Don't ignore her, or come see her just for sex or never hang out with her or treat her like crap. Same goes for women too. You gotta give respect to earn it back. You two are a team. Be more focused on what you need than what you want. Yeah you want that visually bad ass chick who slays left to right. But she ain't going to cook for you, make sure you alright or be there when you need support. Your attention alone ain't going to feed her insatiable void alone what the fuck makes you think she going to worry about if you ate or not?? Or if you a few dollars short or if you had a good day or bad day or a halfway day??? No. She worry about being InstaFamous and how many likes she can rack up so she can boast and brag and make the next hoochie mama envious. 

I pray that my generation gets a wake up call and get their shit together because marriage is obsolete. Love has gone down the drain and people are too busy working towards temporary happiness over lifelong investments of happiness. 


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