Monday, September 15, 2014



Hi kids!!

I know it's been a long time since i last posted something from the heart, soul and twisted mind of mine lol. But this will be quick.

So i've been noticing lately that it seems like there are tons of iPhone owners. Which I'm all like to each their own because we all have out preferences when it comes to stuff right?? But what's really weird about it all is the fact that we all seem to have that same iphone ringtone xylophone. Why?? There are more than enough to choose from but it seems like we all pick that one. It's been years since I came across something so crazy like this. I always wanted my own ringtone so I could identify my phone and wouldn't in a crowd of thousands trying to find out if that's my phone ringing or not. But how does one buy a phone that's costs a small fortune and they never consider buying a ringtone to set themselves differently from the rest?? It's like watching tons of penguins jumping off a cliff only because they too lazy to go down the trail to get to the bottom. I can understand if there was no other way or money was tight but if you got an otterbox case or something fancy and all those extras why don't you have a ringtone to identify your phone from everyone else's?? It's like dressing up and being flawless flashy and still be considered robotic either way. That's depressing.

Me personally I'm mad that I can't have my own ringtone and since I'm on the poor side buying one to make myself happy isn't an option. Plus my ringtones I do have are on my old computer which refuses to stay on for more than 5minutes. Drives me bonkers!!

Or maybe people do it to have a better connection with their fellow human being.....but whatever the reason it is, I think it's better to keep the phone on vibrate lol


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