Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No, No Not At All—

I wake up every morning with the hope that today will be my breakthrough. 

Then I go to bed every night disappointed and a step back from where I started. 

Even in between with my faith and hope on a unstable tree limb; getting closer to my goal of contented happiness is more of a fantasy than a reality. 

Don't say I'm negative or frustrated and hope for the best when my world is falling apart underneath me and nothing I do, say or use can hold it together. 

I wake up every morning with a splitting headache; go to bed at night with pains in my chest. 

I'm crying out for help, and I'm being told:

Give it your best
Just endure this test
Don't settle for less
Or just simply told, ..... Give it a rest. 

How am I to focus on the future where the writings on the wall telling me it's unpleasant. 

My only choices are to trip or to fall—either way my body's going to end up on the concrete, sprawled & motionless

In the end, it wasn't really worth it now was it?

No, no not at all—


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