Monday, July 21, 2014

$25 AirBnB Credit

Hi Kids!!

So this is for my wonderful people who are travelers and for the ones who are already signed up with AirBnB. Anybody can use this and if you aren't already registered, just sign up it doesn't cost anything and it might be of some help for you later on—you never know!

Anyway if you've never heard of AirBnB it's basically a website that has listings that people put up of rooms or even sofas they have for rent it's like a bed and breakfast but not as expensive or competitive like hotels and motels. Plus you might be able to find a place closer to where you want to be than where the hotel is located.

Now if you'd like to get $25 credit for your next stay or hold on to it when you need to (because this doesn't expire) I'll personally give you my link and you can claim your credit. I don't plan on traveling and this is more for your benefit than is mine. So I hope it helps either way :) and definitely share it with your friends or college kids who need a place to crash before school opens up or maybe a cross country traveler who needs a break until they find a new gig. Sharing is caring!


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