Saturday, June 21, 2014

Get To Know U

You know, I get pissed when guys say, "I want to get to know." 

I'm not totally sure if you really want to get to know me or you just want to find out certain information about me just so you can figure out what suits you at the moment. I'm not saying all guys do this. But it seems like everytime I come in contact with a guy and he wants to "get to know me" he's doing it to see if I'm his dream girl or if he can mold me into something I'm definitely not. 

For me it feels like a fucking chore. Because I have to give you this autobiography on me so you can see how you feel or compare me to other hoes and then when it's all said and done you were listening to me in the first place and never cared enough to remember. So then I have to wonder were you asking me questions to get to know me better?? Or were you doing it just out of conversational purposes or you're comparing your options?? It's frustrates the shit out of me. 

That's why I give men the cold shoulder. I don't want to. But I'm tired of getting the same blockhead who just wants to play games or who's mentally fucked up and wasted my time being an asshole or too damn particular. 

The main ones who be fucking up are the same ones screaming not all men are the same. No dude you're the reason women don't fucking trust men with your bipolar ass decisions and wants. 

Stop it. It's definitely not cute. 


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