Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Miley Cyrus Effect

So since friggin Easter made my paycheck so flipping short I've been spending the last few days lookin for another job or a few more jobs in anyway or form. Because I need the extra money plus I want to be able to start saving and get to my new goal faster.

Anyway, since I can't get a normal job because everyone in the world is so fucking particular about who they hire and what qualifications they posses and all this other cockamamie bullshit. I go on lesser know job search engines as well as do a lot with craigslist to find gigs or little odd jobs to do to get a little but of money. I came across this one gig looking for a hair model and how they were going to pay whoever was interested anywhere between $100-200. So I'm like this will work out just great! My hair is a little longer than Miley's but I don't might cutting more off to gain some cash you know?  

I contacted the person and let them know that my hair was very similar to Miley's but a bit longer. So they said well can you send us pictures of your current hairstyle?? I said yes and sent about 3-4 pictures. It took them a day to get back to me and told me my hair was too short. 

Um. Whoa. Last time I saw Miley she has really short hair. My sides and back might be short but my top is almost long enough for a paintbrush pony tail. Honestly I don't think it was about my hair being black, I think it was because I wasn't white. Which I think is rude. You didn't specify and if I already told you it's already short I don't understand what else could've been the problem or why exactly there was an issue. I was slightly offended but I was more pissed than anything. 

Reminded me of a time I tried to be a hair model when my hair finally grew out. The people wanted someone with shoulder length hair. But because I was black and fat that was a no go. 

But what's funny it's Craigslist. You have no right to be so damn particular about what kind of employee or help you're looking for. They want College Professionals but don't want to pay the $100 (or whatever the price is) a month few for monster or career builder. Like get the fuck out of here! 


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