Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So I wanted to post this last week (this was written May 6th) but it's the thought that counts.

Anyway TOMS was sponsoring this global outreach about awareness of misfortunate kids on April 29th, 2014. 

Usually I don't participate in these things because they're over exposed and just not true to the cause just for the success, reputation and such. It's no longer about the cause, it's about getting attention you know?? However when I googled to get more information on it I found little to no information. Honestly I was absolutely shocked by that because most humanitarians would jump on it like a lion stalking it's prey!!

Because I only found out about the day of (via Journeys), I would've definitely shared it. Then I wondered if this was a yearly thing or just pops up randomly. For the first I actually got excited about another cause. The first one was when I was in high school and that was the March of Dimes. 

Anyway A Day Without Shoes is where you go barefoot to raise awareness that there are others in the world who aren't privileged to have shoes. As well as being to the worlds attention that children aren't getting an adequate education nor receiving the proper care to be healthy either. I mean how awesome is that?? Believe it or not this cause is 7 years old!! And I'm like why isn't this receiving attention?? 

So I participated and went to my job barefoot that afternoon. Honestly even though it wasn't a HUGE impact, I felt like I had done something great and I felt good doing it too. 

Now that I've participated. Honestly I want to do this every year. And I plan on making a big deal about this just like I do with my Condom Week celebration.


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