Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hi Kids!

I decided weeks ago that for the first half of march (hopefully) that I would post different words with their definitions. These are words that aren't used in everyday conversation and in some cases not even known. Which makes it even better and that's what I love about things like that. I'm a book worm for pete's sake.

Anyway I do kind of wish I wasn't so busy these last couple weeks, because I wanted Condom Week 2014 to be a bit more spectacular, but also on the same token, what I couldn't or didn't post this year can always be used for next year so that's a plus and that makes me happy.

Now where has Ms. Bunny been?? I've been working, most people call it's work to me. Trying to get any money I can just to live comfortably in my house. In the process I've been able to spruce it up a bit. The main reason why I wanted to was because I know I'm going to be in the house, with the way things are costing gas is a killer and my utilities went up in cost too, I know I can't afford any luxurious outings. Hell I just went to the movies last month for the first time in 4 years! Glad I did though, because I really enjoyed myself. Then I got two, actually three little mouths to feed. Lily got sick and she's just getting better. Which I do have something to write about as far that is concerned.

Did I tell you guys and dolls I smashed my bumper on my van?! OH MY GOODNESS!! With the whacky weather we've been having my whole driveway was ICE. One night coming home from the store I was backing in like I normally do and my van shifted to the left and I hit the brick wall.... Tore. It. UP. I was so pissed but I also don't have the means to fix it SO thus it shall be glued, duct taped and all that other home remedies lol. Plus I'm considering a smaller car, because I can't keep putting $50 worth of gas in a car every two weeks!! It's a pain in the ass!

Nevertheless, I've been trying to get my home organized and straightened out to my liking and make it feel more like my house instead of my parents. Regardless of what people say it will never feel like my house or be my house, it was their house and will always feel like that. I can redecorate all I want but the feeling it holds will never change. But I'm trying my best, order a new sofa and two chairs to give it more of a living room feel, took the closet doors down in my bedroom and threw up curtains instead. Got area rugs for the other rooms and it's looking good. I just hope I have enough to maintain until I get a job that's going to pay me at a good price for the work that I'll be doing. But then that would suck because I'll loose my food stamps, that I had to really fight to keep this time around.

But I have faith and I tell myself everyday or when something seems to go wrong, it's going to be ok and it's going to work out and I will do whatever I need to do to make that happen.


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