Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Jackie Of All Trades

Hi kids!

It's been a long time since I last talked to you guys. With my hectic schedule I have little time to myself. Except for now lol. 

Anyway to tell you guys what's going on! Well I'm still in my search of looking for a permanent job. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything like that just as long as it gives me benefits and pays me a decent wage (under my income limit otherwise it I go over I won't be able to get my food stamps) that's all I really need. So until that happens I'll keep trying until I find something. I've applied to over 30 places these last few weeks. I even went to bus driver school. I haven't gotten my CDL license yet. So I'm working on getting my permit, I just finished my training course on Monday. I do work for them as a rider or something or other I don't know. But I start work at 6am! And work is a 30minute drive. So I'm getting up around 3 or 4am to get to work on time. And then I'm done around 9 or 10a and then I have to come back at 1:30 to 4ish pm. Exciting isn't it? 

That's my 5th job. 

My first job is that permanent full time or part time whatever that's going to offer me benefits and a little bit of security and stability. Until we find that, that's what the number one spot is for. As for my 2nd job  I'm a jitney driver. I only pick up people I know personally. It's too unsafe to go out and pick up whoever. Plus I work for myself. I don't want to pay someone what I make and they give me what they think in owed. But every so often if I get a good week I can get $60+. Which isn't too bad. 

My 3rd job is being a webcam girl. Which didn't turn out as I expected it to. I enjoy it honestly. But the thought that my body is only worth $130 sucks. I understand no one wants to pay for something that may not be a good investment. However sometimes you have to and then bite the bullet, count your losses and move on. I watched some of the other models who get ass naked and get no tips of whatsoever. I've seen some with 3 layers of clothes on and get more tips than they should. I've even seen some who are terrible and make thousands and I don't get it. I attract all the crazies who want me to shit on my laundry, wear diapers or shove a windex bottle up my cunt for free. Some even want to give the illusion that they're going to pay you and they really don't. So I went on strike a few weeks ago because I'm not going to create some paradisiacal fantasy and you give me $2 for it. I'm over working to get next to nothing and that's fucked up. But it's also easy money. So hopefully once I get settled I'll go back to work. 

Now my 4th job, I help old people with computer needs. Every so often there's that one old person who wants to be in the know with the up and coming technology but has no idea what they're doing. So they call me up and ask for me help. That's an on and off thing but still a job for me. Plus I'm available all the time unlike the geek squad haha. 

I got a lot on my plate don't I?? It's not so bad, just have to get to lack of sleep is all. I am currently looking for a 6th job. I did have an interview with a company last Tuesday and they told me no. Then I tried to get a job with lyft, they told me no because I don't have a new car. So I'm like fuck you and your gay pink mustache. You said cars between 2000-2014, what the actual fuck?

Since I know I can't get anything doing what the regular folks do like applying to jobs and getting into whatever based on experience, knowledge and knowing somebody. I placed an ad on craigslist for anything within reason to do whatever I can. I had a few flops and that's ok and I've come across a few good offers that doesn't work with my current schedule. Then I had others that were just downright ridiculous. One was a door to door getting signatures but I could only participate if I became a republican. Another I was paid based on commission of getting people to switch their electrical supplier. And let's not forget those you can make MILLIONS if you pay us a monthly fee or $45.95, this opportunity is a once in a lifetime deal. Yeah right and tomorrow I'm fin to be crowned Ms. Universe. 

There is a driving gig I would like to do. The woman's husbands need transportation twice a week and she's offering $300 a week for it. Which isn't bad just as long as it doesn't interfere with what I've got going on now. But if not I continue to look for something else. I'm willing to work 8 jobs to survive and stay afloat and will do anything to accomplish that. Because nothing else matters than having a place to stay and making sure the kittens are fed. Nothing else matters the most to me. 


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