Friday, March 7, 2014

6:54 AM

I came across a post that got my mind thinking about how men and women interact with someone when considering a relationship. Whether that's relationship is sex, long/short term, romantic, or marriage. 

Like how do you wake and decide I want to find a person have sex with them and make them one of possible manys and are confident it'll work out. They don't go for the ho who was born an unvirgin or the nasty ass dude who sticks it wherever he can. No they go after the one who's looking for a relationship or looking to be married (eventually). But get mad when it doesn't work out. Well why would it?? You can't go buy a house and expect to never change a light bulb. And get rid of the house if the bulbs do blow. It doesn't work that way. 

At this point in my life. I literally don't have the time for a relationship. Even if my living situation was perfect and I was working and there was no worries in my life—I still wouldn't have time for it. I don't want to play games and I don't want to question if you like me or you're through with me. I don't have time to worry if you're coming home to me tonight or Doubt you during sex because you may have been with someone else. I don't get my time back if I wasted on you and you're just looking for a quick fuck. 

A lot people don't realize that time is previous and we all have things we want to accomplish before we die. Some we will and some we will never get the chance. In that case you have to pick your battles. What's funny is I've been losing in this battle for the LONGEST. I admitted defeat long time ago two years to be exact. I'm not going to continue to fight a battle I can't win and I refuse to keep working and still never get what I want. Why fight for something that's not going to be beneficial to me. 

It seems like I've had quite a few guys come along and talk all this nonsense about how good they are and they miss and love me. Yeah ok I believe you. But I'm not going to take your word be the gospel until I see some effort. Between these last few I attracted: one had a baby mama and thought he could play me, the other said I need to be straight and feels I shouldn't have my attention on anything else but him, one is a whiney, crying 18 year old kid who lives in a whole different state talking about what he can do for me, and two of them are druggies. But I see a good looking guy who seems to have himself together this past Monday going to get something from the grocery store. He walks by me like I'm a concrete pillar of some sort. That I still don't understand.

Personally I don't think it's my weight or that I don't wear enough make up or because I don't twerk my ass the way I should. The people of today aren't interested in investing into something long term that's beneficial in so many ways. They make short term goals on temporary bursts of happiness and keep it moving. That's fine. Even if you're having a hard time in life, sometimes you have to. However you can't use someone's feelings to build up your already incomplete feelings because you want a temporary high—you're fucking it up for that person big time. And that's so wrong in so many ways. Whether you're aware of it or not it's still wrong. You wouldn't like some stealing your last dollar or the food out of your mouth. Then don't steal a shard from someone's heart or waste an ounce of their time. 


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