Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Origins Of Sex Toys & Lube

I came across this article a few weeks ago and knew just by the title it was something that I wanted to include for Condom Week this year. The Origins of Sex Toys and Lube.

To me Lube seems to be a modern thing, I always wondered what they did in the hay day even way before Vaseline was invented. I wouldn't've guessed that they used olive oil as a lubricant. Not saying it's bad and I've heard it does wonders for the skin, I can only say what it does for my hair lol.

However going through the 10 item list of awesomeness, I can't help but giggle at how sex toys and lube got their mark on the world. Usually by accident but the next surprising thing is how many YEARS ago this all happened! Forget 70's porn, this is the naughty stuff your great-great grandma refuses to talk about. And I don't blame her lol.


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