Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tampons, Condoms & Lube—Oh My!

Survival Uses Of Tampons, Lube and CondomsSo yesterday I got an awesome email from an awesome new friend who had something so awesome that awesome just isn't awesome enough to explain how spectacular this was! Lol

Anyway I got to read this awesome article that corresponds with the 11 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life post, Why Tampons, Condoms and Lube Should Be In Your Bug Out Bag. This particular article takes it a step further and I must say I learned a few things I never would've consider. Especially about tampons, being a female I consider them the most evilest things ever. However I've changed my outlook after reading how helpful they can be. I would recommend the unscented ones of course. I don't think I can deal with flowery filtered water. Yes, tampons can be used as a water filter. 

Hell I needed the lube to unfreeze a few things for me with the crazy weather we've been having. 

Anyway go check out the site and definitely share this with your friends!! Click here!!


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