Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Even though I'm pretty sad to see the year of snake go, I'm slight excited about the Chinese New Year this year. 

However I don't know many things that relate to horses or similar topics. So we'll make it the year of the pony lol. 

This year is a lot different. I decided to cook something good for New Years which turned out great! And I'm very happy and pleased with my hard work. I found a recipe for Pineapple Orange chicken about a week or two ago and decided that I would cook that for the new year. So I went out and got my chicken and supplies. I ended up cheating because since I'm not a cooker and not cooking inclined. I cheated. So I just cooked the chicken and veggies and used a sweet and sour chicken recipe starter pack by Kraft. Which I must say is worth the $4! However it made it easier and made me very happy. Plus it spared me buying things I didn't need or were just going to use just for this one recipe. Since it was only me, I ended up with servings of 8 anyway. Definitely don't want to be stuck with something for weeks regardless if it taste good or not. 

Unlike last year, I'm more about me this time. Because of taking care of my mom the stress of that and trying to be a responsible adult collided plus the stomach flu made it worse. This time I have a good frame of mind and I can focus my time on building myself into a better person literally. I'm no young filly, even though I wish I was. However I'm going to try my best and be the best "pony" I can be. I think within the last year I've learned a lot about acceptance and that I won't be able to please everyone's expectations including my own. However I will still continue to do my best and work as hard as I can. Even with my 3 jobs haha (the joke is I don't have a 1st one yet lol). 

I hope this year will be better and that I can better myself so much or even just a smidgen to the point I can marvel at my own growth. 

So I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year. Let's both hope this is a better year than the last. 


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