Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fairy Taled

I realized the other day, that the reason why adults of today are so messed up when it comes to relationships is because we're aren't told the truth. We're giving cute little anecdotes and stories of how fantastic and wonderful life can be without being told of the nasty stuff that comes along with it. Just think about it. Whether you ask your parents, grandparents or some of your friends or close people you know about what a relationship is like with their signifcant other, they give you the most positive story possible. Some might say that it's a tough journey or how you both need to work at it to make it comfortable or whatever. But never do any of them say how fucked up it can be getting to that point. I think that's because that's instilled in us when we're children.

They tell us of all these fabulous things that we can do, all these occupations we can become and how our knight in shining armour or our pretty princess is out there waiting patiently to save us or be saved. Then once you finally grow up you find out all that is a load of crap. You can't function properly in the world of dysfunction and make it work. It's the truth.

You'll have people telling you that however you want your prince or princess charming to be they will be and make you the happiest boy/girl in the whole wide world. With no problems or no excuses, not even any obstacles or setbacks. You believe this, you go through out your life creating this caricature of a person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and you set unbelievably high standards and make concrete wants and demands and include a criteria of how ultimately perfect this person is FOR YOU. When in actuality no one is perfect, the person you're conjuring in your head will never exist and when you find someone mutually compatible it'll blow you're mind. Hopefully in a good way, but for some it's the opposite. I think because others instill this falsehood of creating the perfect mate, we lose sight on reality and then when faced with reality we aren't sure how to adapt to it. For example that's like my parents telling me that the man I marry will be a hard working good man but then reality provides me with options of men who sit on their ass doing nothing or those who feel their money is their money and refuses to contribute to the household. Another example is telling a son that the woman he marries will be skinny beautiful and perfect and reality provides him with good and bad women of multitudes of sizes and some aren't going to be Miss Beauty Pageant beautiful either.

But because of this programming, we can't function. Like telling us we can be whatever we want when we grow up. Knowing damned well that isn't true and it's far from happening. This was in Anchorman 2 if you haven't seen it. I'm with Ron Burgundy you're lucky if you get to be a fluffer or the lighting guy in a porno. I'm just saying. I think on a certain level it's really fucked up to tell us all these fairy tales that's going to happen to happen to us if we just believe in ourselves and then thrusting us into a world where NONE of what was said is possible, true or accurate and expect us to adjust so quickly. Reminds me when I confronted my mom about why I'm single. So she said well that's a part of life. But that's not what you told me nor portrayed. You made me believe that everyone got married had kids and lived an enjoyable life. She told me I was naive for believing such a thing. Well it's not like you told me the fucked up part of the story either, now is it??

This isn't comparable to Santa, the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. That's just for fun and it's apart of growing up. But to say well yes you'll get married, have kids, work the best job ever and take more vacations than hookers take off days is wrong. It's seriously evil, because you know you're lying and you're doing it on purpose without a rhyme or reason and then when it backfires or turns ugly you want to say well you should've know we were bullshitting you all this time. How am I suppose to know that some men are assholes if you don't tell me and I'm thinking all men are prince charming?? How am suppose to know that majority of average women look nothing like the super model queen I see strutting her shit on tv if you tell me the woman will look how I expect her to?? How am I suppose to know I won't be what I want to be when I grow up when you tell me I can do anything if I set my heart to it?? You can't expect someone to know the answer or question to be asked just because you already do. That's high inconsiderate. It's like telling little girls boys like them when they're mean to them, knowing damn well that's not true.

But I honestly believe that's what's wrong with us, we were force fed so much goody-two-ness that you leave out the reality and we're lost and confuse and roam about not only trying to accept everything at once and mentally digest it properly but also at the same time try to find out who we are because the expectations we made turned out to be wrong. But I guess a lie is easier to roll off the tongue than the bitterness of the truth.


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