Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Man's Faux Pas

I happen to come across this post in the midst of clearing out my drafts. I'm amazed that almost a year later I never posted it lol. But it is worth the read, so by all means read it.

So I meant to type this one up yesterday but I got so busy and preoccupied.

Anyway as you know I did my hair after what seemed like months of neglect and laziness lol (May 2013). Well I always notice I seem to get more attention from the guys when I do look girlier than usual. Which is ok, but it's not like I get a catch checking me out. It's always some baby who thinks my milk jugs are hypnotizing or some dirty old man who really needs to stop seriously.

Well I went into the Walgreens yesterday to pick up a few things. What I usually do with my hair during the day I leave it down so it doesn't get that ponytail permanent crease mark in my hair. My hair is just a blowing and dancing in the midsummer breeze. I walk into the store and noticed a new display of nail polish stickers/strips/appliques whatever you call them. This guy that works there that I've seen often was talking to this heavy set girl that also works there, who was doing that overly trying too hard laugh women do to get a man to like them lol. 
Anyway I just happen to look over in the direction they were standing because her laughing was getting annoying. So he looks at me, rambling and stopped talking to give me the biggest smile which I will admit was very attractive. I couldn't help but say to myself: 
Damn, last time a guy looked at me like that was when the mailman thought he was getting some goodies!
At first I felt awkward and uncomfortable. Then dismissed it because I was on a mission to do my nails dammit! Well the whole time I'm there at the store he followed me around and would grin like a Cheshire Cat. He even was bold enough to want to ring me out. Then I immediately got pissed off. Why?? Yes for some women they like that sort of thing or get excited. But for me at that moment, I was mad. Not only do I see you often at your job since its a place I frequent often. But even when I was trying to be nice and say hello or just be friendly. This dude acted like I wasn't allowed to shop at HIS Walgreens. Even when he rang me up before, he would barely tell me how much the bill was. Why when I flat iron my hair and wear it out do you suddenly become so talkative?? Then I had to wonder oh was my lounge pants and over size shirt too filthy or not good enough to you? I have to wear my hair out, put on make up and dress up to please you or even get you to have a conversation with me?? How shallow can you be? Talk about females and the nick-picking petty stuff they bring up, but men are far more worst. It's just more a faux pas instead. It may look good visually or have that visually appeasing appeal, but its far from the real thing.

If you can't accept a women when she's in her rawest form, but you can fall head over heels for a fake woman that wears heavy makeup and doesn't even have her own body or a soul for that matter. Women who put make up on are hiding their true form, and becoming a whole new person in the process. They're not the same people and that's not confidence. A lot of men don't seem to understand that. Those women are hiding behind their true form to create an optical illusion, so to speak. To me that's sad, it's even sadder that men fall for women like that.

If that's how men pick out women or that's how you get any man's attention. I'm sorry but I'm far from interested -_-.


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