Monday, December 30, 2013

Kwanzaa | Nia


To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. 

Since there isn't a post from last year due to my getting sick, we can talk about this openly without comparison.

Now I understand the principle's definiton, however I don't agree with it. Sometimes you can restore someone to a previous character or personalty, let alone turning them into some "greatness" from long ago. I personally think it's impossible. Do-able but quite difficult and challenging. There's nothing wrong in lending a helping hand to help those around us, like the previous post Ujima; we can work together to create something even more spectacular. Which is true and quite possible. However we all know you can't assist or help someone who doesn't want to be helped or bothered really.

Makes me think back to a friend who I wanted and did help, but she was so fixated on her then boyfriend and father of her children that what I was trying to do (which was to make her a better person) was a problem and she felt he would be there for her more than I would. Ha. Well guess what?? He dumped her ass took the kids and now she want's to be my best friend again and I'm like no. You know what you did was messed up, and I can't trust you. I'm not about to go through the same crap with her a third time. I rather be friendless and alone than mistreated for being a loyal friend. But this is where Nia makes so much sense....Everything in this world has a purpose. Good, bad or indifferent—it has a purpose. Whether it's a mistake, a lesson or a repeat so you find out what's going on. The purpose is there and you just have to come to an understand of what that purpose is all about.

Now one purpose in Life is quite bewildering. That's our purpose for being on this earth. Some of us know or find out early on. Others find out along the way and then there are those like me still finding themselves and no where near knowing what their purpose is or even in doubt if they truly have a purpose. It doesn't makes us strange or a late bloomer or more sophisticated than the other. We all develop in our own way and at our own pace of time. That's the purpose of growth, to experience as much as we can to be molded into the human being we were meant to be or to get one step closer to finding out who we are meant to be. That's what makes purpose so intriguing. The journey of it, and all that comes with it.


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