Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kwanzaa | Kujichagulia


To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.

Last Year, Honestly it seemed selfish. I think I was ranting more so than actually talk about what Kujichagulia is all about.

Sometimes selfishness can be misrepresented and taken the wrong way. I can say that towards the end of last year's post I was on topic for a short moment and then took a left turn to somewhere else lol.

Self Determination embarks a journey for each of us to take to find out who we are, what we want and how we can personally strive in this life to make us not only a better person but to reach a level of contentedness and comfort within our skin. With all the media and celebrities and every day challenges we forget what's important and try so hard being someone else that we lose ourselves within the very evil that we loathe from the beginning. It makes me think of what Janelle Monae said about being a cover girl and even in her song Q.U.E.E.N. "Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will Love who I am." that is by far the most inspirational sentence I've ever heard in this lifetime. It makes me want to cry and rejoice at the same time.

We lose sight on being near perfection and ruin what makes us unique, what makes us who we are inside. We lose face and forget about how to be ourselves and let others guide us in a direction, down a path that isn't our own just to fit the mold, the puzzle. However remember some of us are not meant to fit the puzzle of Society, some of us were never molded to even be considered as a piece. But that doesn't mean you're worthless or not good enough. NO--it just means you've got to make your own puzzle and create something so spectacular that you can later marvel at how wondrous you are and how far you've come. That's what Self-Determination is about.

So the next time you find yourself being pressured into someone you're not. Take a step back and let the world know: You are who you are and there is nothing no one can do about it and if they are uncomfortable, that is their problem not yours. You do what makes you comfortable, contented and happy. Be determined to not let anyone sway you or make you someone your not comfortable being. Be fearless and stand up for your beliefs, emotions and standards. No one can take that away from you and the best part about it all is, you are the only one. There is no one youer than you.


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