Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Kwanzaa 2013

So I know one it's been awhile since you guys and dolls last heard from me. Plus I'm two days late on the Kwanzaa Celebration. I'll tell you why in another post later on today.

Anyway, as I was going through last year's Kwanzaa celebration I noticed that I never finished. Unfortunately that was due to my having that wicked stomach flu that put me in commission and messed me up for weeks. I feel really bad about that too! Reason being, with every Kwanzaa project I've started I've never finished and I don't like that. Makes me irresponsible and dubs me a total procrastinator. SO this year even if it's the death of me I'm fin to finish this year's Kwanzaa celebration.

I feel more excited about it because it's finally something I can celebrate that doesn't revolve around families or gifts or being extra special or part of a group. I wasn't really feeling Christmas this year, not so much because my mom died, but because everyone was forcing me to participate in something something I no longer feel comfortable doing. Regardless of what people think, Christmas is meant for children and those who have children or even grandchildren. But for single people like me who's parents are both decease and family who isn't close or may be too far just turns into another crappy day really. I've got more presents and cards this year out of people's guilty feelings and I really don't like that. You should give out of love or knowing you're doing a good thing, not because you feel guilty or want to throw a pity party for that person. But whatever all that's for a different post.

This year after Christmas came to a close, I was so happy to break out with my Kwanzaa celebration. Unfortunately I'm ill-prepared since I don't have the decorations needed for it. So I set out to the internet to find all the things I needed or wanted. I found little to nothing and most of it wouldn't be shipped to me until after the holidays which sucks. Thus I decided to go to the store. I wanted a Kinara but I couldn't find one. I saw quite a few back in October or November and considered getting one but I wasn't sure if I would be in the holiday mood or not and decided against it. So I found the candles I needed, well almost. I came up with something better! I brought some flameless battery operated candles. You know the ones that flicker like a real candle. I got some red, black and green ribbon and covered the candle via hot glue gun to make "temporary" candles for my now decorated table. I'm happy with the outcome. So I guess tomorrow at some point I'll see if I can put together a Kwanzaa Wreath so I can hang on my door.

I think Kwanzaa doesn't get the recognition it deserves and more people need to be made aware of how special of a holiday it truly is.


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