Monday, December 2, 2013

Cooking Extraordinaire


So everyone has been hounding me about my impromptu way of cooking. I've never liked cooking and can't stand it, I can do a few things and it comes out ok because I'm a perfectionist and my OCD begins to shine through like the Sun in Clouds. However I don't have the patience for it and there's no bowl licking in between the process. Then the other side to it is.....well it's just me now. Why do I need to go through the process of cooking when it's just me, everything is always going to be too much and I don't really want to be forced to eat left overs every fucking day for weeks on in because the only available single serving food is a nasty frozen TV Dinner.

For the last two days I've been out stocking up for winter, since I don't really plan on leaving too much unless I have to. But I've been baffled as to what to buy since everything is geared to families or couples. I don't understand that, it makes no sense to me. Not everyone is coupled off or has a houseful of human children. My kid only likes Philadelphia cream cheese anyway. But seriously, there are tons of single people or even people who are widowed or divorced or something. So either you feed for a family of 86 or you're stuck with having McDonald's for the remainder of your life.

All this I couldn't help but think about why a bunch of people were making a big deal about me needed to know how to cook, when I don't have a interest in it, and it's just me. Then I recalled a conversation I had with this guy about it was important to keep at it because one day I'm going to get married. No. When I had an interest in learning so I could be prepared to cook for a future husband, Life said no we'll make all men be repulsed by you. So now that I'm older and could care less, why would I want to bust my ass in the kitchen for someone who cares less than damn about me?? Please, like that'll ever happen in this lifetime. The only one I concern myself about eating is my pets and that's it.

Lately my family has been forcing the whole, you're getting married one day. No ifs or maybes. I just no longer have an interest and if it has to be with a man I have even more disinterest in the whole kit and kaboodle. I can't imagine being that close to another human being and being at their beck and call while they be selfish and only concern about them. That's beyond rude--it's fucked up honestly. My baby making factory has been shut down indefinitely, so I don't want to bore any monstrosities like other women (no offense). So cooking has the advantage of what for a single person?? I might as well go buy what I want already prepared and cooked and if not easy enough that it only needs to be nuked in the microwaved. But I'm dealing with crazies in the first place. I'll worry about being a Cooking Extraordinaire next lifetime....even then that's a big ass maybe.


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