Friday, December 6, 2013

And Then There Was Lily

So I've had a pretty exciting week. Even though it's Friday I feel like it's only just begun.

Well I decided that I would get another kitten. I'll be honest and say my whole plot for a house full of cats turned out to be an utter failure. In one sense that's a good thing. We learn about ourselves and learn from our mistakes. What makes it even better, this time around....I'm ok not having what I want. 

I had been searching high and low for the ultimate kitten playmate for my kitten Hawthorn. When I couldn't find anything or all the ones I came across wasn't what I felt was a good fit for him. I was beginning to give up and be contented with life just me and him. Unfortunately he's become extremely clingy. If I go just to get the mail from the garage next to the basement he whines and cry like I'm never coming back and then sticks to me better than glue. At first I loved the attention but then it hit me. 

He's my only "child" and what will he do when I can't be around? How will he react if I won't be around?? It made think back to how clingy to my parents I was. Now that they're gone that utter loneliness that follows is uncomfortable. I didn't want him feeling that way. Plus when he's bored he sleeps. I know they nape here and there. But for him being such an energetic cat to sleep all day and sometimes into the night isn't normal. Sounds depressing right?? Lately when I leave to the store or to the basement he gets mad at me and wants nothing to do with me however he follows my every move and step. I decided he needed another kitten as a companion, someone to play with and also if something did happen to me they'd have each other regardless of the situation. 

I started my search and looked EVERYWHERE! The racist Petland (I got him from another Petland actually) where the pets only like white people had kittens and I was so shocked that I wanted to get one. They were cute little balls of Cotton and one even looked like grumpy cat. But I immediately declined when I go no service from the rude staff and found out those cute marshmallows cost $990+. No no, that's ok. I placed an ad on Craigslist and began searching ads on there. Majority of the people I emailed never responded. Some were asking outrageous prices. And others lived too far and expected me to come get them. It's not a free kitten when I have use my whole tank of gas to get it. But still I searched. Unfortunately I would've considered the animal rescue but they have strict rules and I would need a deed with my name on it and I don't have that. Thus making it hard. 

Then I got a response the woman I talked to seemed adiment about giving up a 6 month old kitty for $20. Which isn't bad and I was ok with it. At first she kind of half assed communication. Then said I could get him on Tuesday. I considered Monday but she was "out of town." Go figure huh? She mentioned he didn't have WWfleas, that he hadn't been neutered nor had any shots and how much of a nice kitty he was. I thinking oh he'll be a wonderful playmate. Then I also got an offer for a little female kitten. 

So honestly I wanted a female kitten to begin with. Nothing against boys, just never really spent much time with them and wasn't sure of how to approach the situation. However I can honestly say I wouldn't change the way I met Hawthorn and how much I love him. But when I got the offer for the female kitten I couldn't resist! And decided to see which of the two he liked more or at least in one case have two new friends instead of one. So I picked up the male kitten first. When I saw him who was suppose to be the runt of the litter who looked like a baby wild sized grown cat. I thought well maybe it's not that bad. He was friendly and nice and came right to me. However the woman wasn't there like she said she would be. I found that strange as well as her sudden need to be persistent. I understand that there are those who flake out on people, but you calling me like a bill collector asking me the same question is ridiculous. Even though these were well obvious signs, I ignored them because I didn't want to judge and I was doing this for Hawthorn. In the midst of the car ride the cat did well, but I didn't. I found out the cat had fleas. So I considered dropping him off at home but didn't since he did have fleas. I went home anyway to get flea and tick spray and sprayed him a few times. I was mortified and then realized why the woman was so persistent in getting rid of him. It wasn't her roommate or whatever else excuse she gave me. It was because he had fleas and she knew it and wanted to pawn the problem off to someone else. And the money too of course. 

Then I went and picked up the female kitten. Who was small and absolutely adorable. So I stopped pass the pet store and picked up some flea and tick necessities because I couldn't have these two who weren't neutered, who don't have shots and one have fleas infect my poor baby.  When I finally got home I brought the smaller one in because well she's handheld and makes life a whole lot easier. Hawthorn tried to be friendly with her but she felt very threatened and the little Pipsqueak started hissing, growling like she was a Nittany Lion. When I brought in the other bigger cat, not only did he go reclusive and anit-social but he also knew because of his size he could intimidate the other two. I don't mean hissing or growling, he literally backed them up in a corner and just stared, no noise or sounds which caused the little ones to get aggressive. Plus he was two times the size of my Hawthorn, there was no way I was going to believe that sucker was just 6 months. So I locked little mama in the bathroom and switched after an hour with Hawthorn locked in the bathroom.

Now I understood the introduction phase, I read about it after I had gotten Hawthorn, however because he roams the whole house, I couldn't lock either one in a room. I can't have the female who was named Lily by her previous caretakers in the bathroom knowing he's going to come too. I can't put her in my room at night to sleep because he sleeps there also. And the other cat had gotten so strange he didn't want me touching him or near him. I had to end up putting him in a room that's in the basement. That's the other thing, I didn't have enough secluded rooms with doors for everyone. Plus I wasn't expecting the added hostility with the older cat either. Well I ended up putting Lily in the other bedroom and decided that the other cat had to go to the shelter. Honestly I felt bad about it and didn't want to do it but I also couldn't have him intimidating the kittens, me and acting like he ran the whole joint. He had the nerve to have an attitude when I scolded him for agitating Hawthorn. I told him I don't care how you feel but you fuck with my baby I'm kicking your ass outside real quick.

The next morning I called the Animal Rescue League about dropping the cat off. And can you believe I got scolded and told I had to keep the cat?! I'm like listen lady I don't care about the two-week introduction phase nor do I care about what else is going on and this cat refuses to be told he has to go into a room. He fought me with his heavy ass about going to the basement and I can't having him intimating the kittens. So then she said if I was going to bring him, he had to be in a crate. I don't have a crate big enough for him and then she tried to say I couldn't bring him in and I'm like no no. So she said a box will do, I don't have a box big enough for him. Like seriously I would need a MOVING sized BOX for him. I finally found a box that was for a large crock pot to put him in and believe it or not the box was still too small for him. So I put treats in the box and then put him in and then in the car. Ran and grabbed my purse and back to the car. When I got in and looked in the rear view mirror he's sitting there staring at me maniacally. The best part he escaped the box and left it the way I closed it. I was officially freaked out. I had to go grab some duct tape and fasten the box so he would stay in there and not try to get out, even though he tried his damnedest to get out the whole car ride. As soon as I got to the Animal Rescue League, I had to fill out papers and because I only had him for a short time I couldn't ask some of those questions. But after all was said and done I was able to surrender him and I really hope he finds a family that will love and care for him and hopefully doesn't have kittens. The funny part he came from a house that had another cat but it was an older cat. Just before I turned him in he did claw my arm and tried to break my hand off. Which made me feel even better to surrender him. His creepiness was a bit too extreme for me and his hot and cold attitude was intolerable. But all in all I had to consider the other kitties well being over his especially if he would attempt to harm them at some point.

So I decided to keep Lily, even though Hawthorn did not approve at first and I must say it was the best decision I made.


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